How to do a Strip Tease For Your Spouse

I think that a strip tease for your spouse can be a great way to lead into sex. It can be fun and exciting for both of you to undress in front of the other. The problem is, how do you strip for your husband or wife?

I’ve got a few tips for you if you aren’t sure what to do. Just so you know, these tips will work for both a husband or wife. Yes, I’m suggesting that a husband strip for his wife.

Whatever You Do- Do it In Confidence

To be honest, stripping can make you feel really self-conscious or like a giant idiot (or maybe that’s just me). The best thing to do is to develop the mindset that whatever you choose to do, do it in confidence. If you’re going to take off your shirt, take it off confidently. Don’t have a questioning look on your face, just take it off.

Put on The Right Clothes

strip tease

If you’re going to plan a strip tease ahead of time, make sure that you wear clothes that you can get off without a lot of fuss. I know it seems sexy to seductively unbutton shirts and pants, but it can be kind of hard to unbutton when you’re nervous.

It is also a good idea to have on a few extra things to remove while you are teasing your spouse. You can add accessories like hats, jewelry, tie and cuffs, etc.

Play Music

Choosing the right music can help you relax and have fun. Put on something that you can dance to or a sexy jazz piece. Playing music can really fill the silence and help you not feel as awkward.


Use the Right Lighting

You might not feel confident enough to have the lights all the way up, but you want enough light for your spouse to see. White Christmas lights can cast a beautiful glow. Hanging lights in your room make it easy to get the right amount of light quickly.

strip tease

Take Your Clothes Off Slowly

Of course, you can always do a lot of bending over and touching your toes. That will give your spouse a great view of your backside. Other than that, I don’t know what to tell you other than go slow when taking off your clothes.

Ask your spouse if they want you to stand a certain way or do something specific. They are your best teacher.

Wink at Them

Make eye contact with your spouse often and wink at them. You have their attention- let them know they have your’s also. If you turn your back to them, look over your shoulder so you can see their face.

Laugh- a Lot

Don’t forget to laugh and have fun while you are taking your clothes off. Smile! You don’t have to paste a sultry face on yourself and never look happy. Duck lips are highly over rated if you ask me.

Just have fun. Your strip tease doesn’t have to be perfect to be sexy. Putting yourself out there brings a lot of excitement to your bedroom. Even some laughs. There are plenty more tips for strip teases and lap dances, just remember to be comfortable with each other and have fun.

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