Summer Family Nights



Our Summer Family Nights

This summer, we have decided to have family nights where we take the kids somewhere or do something at home together. There was a Wednesday night program that they had been going to all school year. We decided that would be a good night to take them out, since our schedule is free that night.

Summer Family Nights Out

Goofy Faces

A few weeks ago, Austin sat down with the kids and they came up with a list of things that we were going to try and do this summer. We decided to just make a list of activities that we can choose from week to week.

Going to Sonic to play on the playground equipment was one of the things on our list. Here in NC, most of the Sonics have a big outdoor play area and a volleyball court.

The Money Saving Mom posted a Sonic deal that was good for yesterday only, so we decided to take advantage of that. We let the kids drink their frozen lemonades and play for a while.

Pizza and a Movie

PIzza and a Movie

We try to do a pizza and movie night two times a month. Since the Money Saving Mom also posted a Redbox code that was good for yesterday only, we went ahead and did a pizza and movie night.

It turned out to be a great time together as a family. I’m really looking forward to our Wednesday nights out together.

I don’t know about you, but it can be hard for me to tear myself away from the goings on of home life and responsibilities to do fun things with the kids. Making this commitment with them will help us to be more intentional with our time this summer. Having a family date night is a great way to keep this the priority it needs to be.

What are your plans for this summer?

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