Super Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Super Last Minute Valentines Day Ideas

This is Valentine’s Day weekend and I know that some people still aren’t sure what they are going to do to celebrate with one another. I, for one, don’t think that celebrating your love should be high pressure. Simple things can fill you up.

Our plans are pretty low key this year. We are going to put the kids to bed and eat leftover steaks from a fundraiser. I put together a few simple ideas that you can do without a lot of preparation.

Printable Bedroom Games

truth or dare cards 1


I have developed a deep love for creating bedroom games to share with you guys. There is a whole page dedicated to all of the games that are on the site. All of these games are free to print.

Some of the games on this page do require a little bit of preparation, but some of them do not need anything special. For example, the sexy truth or dare games do not need anything other than the printable dare questions and truths.

Printable Couples Bedroom Games

Make Out For 5 Minutes

When is the last time you made out with your spouse? Whether it has been a while or not, find somewhere private and spend 5 minutes kissing one another. It very well may lead to other things, but just start there and see how you feel.

Write a Thank You Note

You don’t have to buy anything special to put together a meaningful gift. I suggest writing a simple thank you note to your spouse. Tell them one or two things that you really like for them to do.

Austin and I have been using the Marriage Journal from Tammy at Married and Naked. I’ve really enjoyed passing the journal back and forth with Austin. Each day we write one sentence of something that we are thankful the other person has done.

Walk Around Without Your Clothes On Before Bed

It doesn’t take much to be sexy for your spouse. Take your clothes off while you get ready for the night and walk around your room. I don’t suggest you do this out in the house, unless you guys live alone!

Spend Time in Front of The Mirror Together


Get in front of the mirror without your clothes on with your spouse. I know it is awkward, but it will really make things more exciting for the both of you. It is so good to try new things here and there to keep your love life from becoming routine.

Take Time to Talk

I’m finding that many couples do not have the time to talk with each other. Plan to clear an hour in your schedule to sit down and just enjoy talking with your spouse. I’m a huge advocate of staying away from talking about work and kids when you are trying to connect. Conversation starters are a great way to get yourself going.

These are simple ideas that you can do with little preparation. Don’t stress about the holiday, rather revel in your love for one another.

What are your plans for Valentine’s? Let me know in the comments!


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