Surprising Things Couples Argue About (That Could Have Been Avoided!)


Samantha Hudgins is with us today to talk about common fights that couples have over the little things. She also suggests how to avoid them. Spoiler alert: it’s one of our favorite things to talk about on the blog!

Although some arguing is good for a couple, too many fights can tear up a loving couple apart. It can end a marriage for good if the issues aren’t resolved quickly. And a lot of the time, the argument the couple is having shouldn’t have even been an issue in the first place. Here are some surprising things couples argue about which could have been avoided, and how to resolve them!

Domestic chores

It’s ridiculous how much stress a toilet seat can cause. But some couples have massive arguments about leaving the toilet seat up. And this is just the start. Domestic chores such as washing the dishes can often lead to a shouting match. But these disagreements could have been avoided if you talked to your partner about it in the first place.

You should have discussed who would clean what when you moved in. To solve this issue now, you should sit down with him and explain why you are so upset, and what he can do to fix it. Once he understands, he is more likely to start doing it now. That way, you won’t argue about it in the future!


For some couples, their in-laws can be the issue in most of their fights. Whether it’s the fact they come over too much, or if they are taking over with the kids, it can lead to bad arguments between spouses. The issue is a lot of the time they don’t talk about barriers in the first place.

You need to speak to each other about how you feel. It’s often down to one party feeling pushed out as they are taking over. Come to an agreement together and remember to be polite about their parents!

Choice of presents


It might sound petty, but a high proportion of couples end up fighting about choosing a present. They may think that they didn’t make an effort, or they bought something meaningless. Of course, it could have been avoided if you spoke to each other about what you wanted. You could have shown them ideas of gifts on sites such as

That way, they would have got you exactly what you wanted. But now it’s done, you need to be grateful for what you received. Even if you hate it, you need to thank them for making an effort. Otherwise, you will hurt each other’s feelings and cause resentment between you two.

Bringing up kids

Although you both love your kids, you both may have different views on how best to raise them. One might prefer them to have an earlier bedtime, while the other parent might prefer them to eat a particular diet. Of course, before having children, you should have discussed these types of things.

That way, you would have come to a compromise before the kid arrived. But now you need to sit down now with your partner and talk about their upbringing and why you feel a particular way. Listen to each other’s arguments, and you will soon find a way around this troublesome time!

Remember to avoid arguments about friends. They might not be your ideal mate, but you are both allowed to have your own friends. You can see other fights couples have on

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