How to a Survive a Season of Waiting in Marriage

How to Survive a Season of Waiting in Marriage

In honor of Mother’s Day, I invited Kelly from Kelly Cox at Home to come on and share with us a little bit about her journey to motherhood. She and her husband are in the process of adopting a child and as you can imagine, there are challenges that come along with it. Listen to what she has to say about how to survive a period of waiting in your marriage.

Here’s what she has to say- 

Let’s face it, waiting is hard. Have you ever experienced a season of waiting in your marriage? We certainly have. In fact, we’ve been in “wait mode” for quite a while.

A season of waiting has the potential to divide you as a couple or it can bring you closer together. We’ve chosen the latter! We live in a right now world and that makes waiting even harder at times.

Currently, my husband, Sean, and I are waitlisted for our first child. (YAY!) To say the wait is tough is an understatement. We are hopeful, prayerful and joyful as we wait for THE call that will make us instant parents. (Truth be told, a little antsy at times too…)

The adoption process takes lots of time. We had to go through webinars, seemingly endless paperwork, appointments, home visits, training sessions, and more. After we completed all of the application processes, we joined the official waitlist. The real wait began at that point.

Sean and I are blessed with an amazing marriage and have so much fun just doing life together. We decided it was important to not lose “us” as we journey through the adoption. Our marriage is just too important and truly the top priority in our home.

We’ve been quoted 9 to 18 months before our adoption will take place but it could be longer or shorter time frame-wise. We have no control over the details or timing. All we can do is sit tight and wait. 

Right now, we have all of the baby stuff together just in case. There are bottles, wipes, diapers, a few clothes, and of course the crib and mattress.

We’ve learned how to “wait well” and here are a few ways we’ve pulled that off with the Lord’s help!

Waiting for a baby

5 Ways Your Marriage can Survive a Season of Waiting:

Don’t Stop Living

While you are in a season of waiting, you must keep living. Don’t put your life on a complete hold. Resolve ahead of time to “do this thing” together and don’t let the wait consume you.

We’ve waited for a child for what feels like a long time. Sean and I would have missed out on so many things if we’d just put our lives and marriage on hold. We believe that our marriage is our number one human relationship and it should be treated as such, no matter the season of life.

Pray a Bunch

We pray together as a couple every day. This has been helpful during this season of our lives. In a time where you feel unsure and like the waiting seems endless, a time of prayer and laying out those requests and praises together is truly time well spent.

Encourage Each Other

Sean and I try to support and encourage each other as we wait. On any given day, one of us could struggle with the unknown time frame of our adoption. Anything can trigger a feeling of concern, disappointment, or frustration.

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