A satisfying love life comes when you and your spouse master the art of giving pleasure and receiving it. It is important for the two of you to take turns giving an orgasm and receiving. If you have the habit of your love life being one-sided, then you are both severely missing out.


Both Husband and Wife Should Enjoy the Experience

I’m not saying that sex can’t ever be one person choosing to please the other without receiving pleasure in return. I know that quickies can really be great for some couples, even if only one walks away from reaching the top. However, that shouldn’t be the entirety of the encounters that you both have.

Rather, both of you should have an orgasm if you want it. Before you begin your time of love-making, you need to make that clear with one another. And, leave the door open during sex as well. If you are someone that is a sexual responder, you might start out not thinking you want to orgasm but as you get going you do.

Take Turns Focusing on Each Other

Before you and your spouse have sex, you can start out by taking turns to focus on one another. It is really helpful when you are both ready for the lovemaking session before you begin if at all possible.

Take turns kissing on one another’s bodies and doing things that will please each other. One of you may already be in the mood, so that person may consider focusing on the other to get them in the mood.

Not sure what types of foreplay you should try? Here’s a full list of ideas of foreplay moves that will actually turn you on.

One Has to Go First- Because Let’s Be Real- Going Together is Hard

While it might be a really sexy idea that you guys will reach orgasm together, it hardly happens. I’m not going to say it never happens, or that there aren’t couples out there that can’t achieve it. However, most couples really struggle to be in sync in this way.

Since it can be hard to be satisfied at the same time, then you and your spouse should take turns giving and receiving an orgasm. You both need to decide whose turn it is first, and then who will get last.

Also, if you are a wife or have a wife that is capable of multiple orgasms, then you should have as many as you want before satisfying your husband. He may not be able to last long enough if you wait. Here are a few tips for husbands to help their wives with multiples.

The Benefit of Taking Turns When Orgasming

One of the reasons that it is so beneficial to take turns, is that you can focus on one thing at a time. It is very hard to focus on pleasing while being pleased. By taking turns, you can receive without guilt and give whole-heartedly.

If there are things that you desire your spouse to do for you, it will be easier for you to ask if you have taken the time to please them. On the other hand, when you know your needs are going to be met, it makes it easier to give freely.

Communication Goes Up

Communication is key when it comes to having a great sex life. You both will need to talk with one another while you are making love. When it is your turn to receive, you can share with your lover what you need from them. When it is your turn to give, you can take the instruction that your spouse gives you.

If it is your turn to receive, be sure to tell your lover when you orgasm and have had enough. This way, they will not be left guessing. It will also signal to them that it is their turn if you went first.

At the end of it, you both walk away knowing that the other person had their needs met. It is so important that you know if your lover felt satisfied by your time together. Here’s how we keep our connection growing!

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9 Responses

  1. I keep coming back here to see if anyone has commented. I don’t get it. It’s such a provocative post with perfect images for the topic. And unlike me, concise. : ) Always the wife first since we only get the one shot and we can help her to achieve multiples. That is unless you are taking turns at having sex.

    That’s the beauty of oral or manual from your partner. You can lie back and let them do the driving while you enjoy the trip. Sex to should be about the journey, not just the destination. Taking turns allows that.

    1. I agree with you about not many people commenting. I have visited other marriage sites and wondered the same thing concerning interesting topics.

      Taking turns is not something we really discussed. It has worked out that way though many times for us. My husband is happy to put in the effort and I appreciate it very much. He knows I will taken care of him too. I love your analogy. The trip has to be enjoyed just as much as the destination, I think.

  2. I wonder why that is? I had two posts I thought were fairly compelling as to comments and little or nothing. Reads but no writes. I miss the community I have had in the past. Not about the numbers but the sharing of ideas and feelings. Hang in there, girl.

  3. I use to follow posts on this site and enjoyed the articles however, for months, some of the images that are put with the articles are a bit risque for a Christian site. My husband and I would both visit but we don’t any more cause some if the images I’ve seen have women’s cleavage falling out, in their underwear, or wearing something see through. I checked back hoping there have been changes but sadly no. There is absolutely no reason to put provocative photos showing skin on a Christian site where the images of other people (basically women being shown) can cause temptation and lust from our husbands. The poor selection on images is the reason we no longer follow. So sad that a Christian site is now right there with what the rest of the world exposes. I hope you consider the change back to how it use to be.

    1. Hi Brooke. I am sorry to hear this. I have removed the one image in this post as it was added by my assistant who didn’t realize. However,I take careful consideration of the images on my blog. Aside from the one that was in this post, can you please leave a comment any other posts you have found offense?

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