Tantalizing Treats Couples Bedroom Game

Tantalizing Treats Couples Bedroom Game

I wanted to create a couples bedroom game that involved food that would tantalize all of your senses. The other thing I wanted to do was use foods that could be stored dry so that it could be put in a basket.

Tantalizing Treats Couples Bedroom Game

This game has a combination of items that will tantalize all of your different senses. You’ll need to round up some items to go with the directions on the card. If you can’t find the same things that I put in my basket, then get something that is close to it.

Food Couples Bedroom Game

You can get this bedroom game in a bundle on my Etsy shop here. Here’s what else you will need for the game.

Supplies For the Bedroom Game

  • chapstick– go with a flavored lip balm that you will enjoy the taste of
  • Sexy music– I suggest something that is instrumental and romantic
  • candle– choose a scent you will both enjoy
  • drink– this can be any kind of bottled drink that you like
  • beef stick– if you don’t like slim jims, go with a snack that is long enough for both of you to hold in your mouth at the same time (I bought a cheese and beef stick pack)
  • trail mix– those that don’t like trail mix, just use m&m’s or similar candy
  • chips and dip– I bought a small thing of cheese dip and a bag of Doritos
  • nutella snack pack– I found a nutella snack pack that had cracker sticks in it

Those are the basic things I bought for the game. You can make any adaptation that you would like with foods you can eat. A lot of people have food allergies, or are doing the dieting thing, so go with what works best for you.

Instructions on the Cards

To play the game, you put all of the cards in order from the 2 of hearts up to the ace. There are 2 Jokers in the suit that you can add in if you would like. Those can be placed randomly.

Free printable couples bedroom game

The foreplay prompts on the cards say:

  • Light a fragrant candle
  • Play romantic music
  • Apply chapstick and kiss me
  • Dip your finger in the drink and let me taste it
  • Hold the beef stick or cheese in your mouth and feed it to me
  • Apply chapstick again and kiss your favorite part of my body
  • Massage me where I need it most
  • Put some of the trail mix on my stomach and dine from there
  • Feed me the chips and dip any way you’d like
  • Kiss me hard for one minute
  • Use a cracker and paint chocolate on my body
  • Lick the chocolate off of my body
  • Finish up any remaining snacks the way you like

One of the Jokers is left blank so you can add your own move to it if you would like.

A Few Thoughts on Playing This Game

I was surprised that this game wasn’t as messy as I thought it would be. You will want to keep a wet washcloth handy to wipe off any sticky feelings. Playing it in your bed isn’t going to make a big mess, though…I guess unless you want it to be messy.

If you are worried about the mess, just put down a blanket on your bed to protect your comforter.

Since you are only taking a small bite of each snack, you don’t have to skip dinner to play it. You could incorporate a lot more food into if you want to make it like a meal.

Hopefully, you will enjoy this game. Don’t feel like you can’t play if you don’t have the specific snacks on the list. Just find foods that will work with the instructions, or allow the moves to inspire you to do your own thing.

Don’t forget to check out all of the other free games I have on the site.

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    1. I’ll be honest, the beef stick breath (whatever that is) won’t even be a thing if you play the game. 🙂 Just go with what you like to eat.

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