The Graham Cracker House Tradition Was Worth Keeping

The Graham Cracker House Tradition Was Worth Keeping

Last year, I wrote how the tradition of making a gingerbread house changed for us. For many years, my aunt and uncle gave us a gingerbread house kit. One year, we weren’t going to see them at the holidays, so we hadn’t received a kit. Corbin purchased a kit for his dad for Christmas so they could make it together like usual.

When the middle of December rolled around last year, we were out of money to purchase a gingerbread house kit. It was devastating to my boys. I had no idea that they enjoyed making it so much.

That’s when the creativity set in….

We ended up coming up with a way of constructing the house out of graham crackers, which we already had on hand. I made up a batch of icing that we use for birthday cakes. The kids all donated their Halloween candy to the cause and we had something to decorate the house with.

Graham cracker houses are the new tradition

There is nothing wrong with the store bought kits, but we found the creativity that we put into a graham cracker house to be a lot of fun.

This year, Austin bought chocolate graham crackers, which made for a fun change. Actually, pairing the chocolate graham crackers and the cake icing makes it taste a lot like Oreo cookies.

Again, the kids dug into their Halloween bags to find an assortment of candies that could be used for decorating.

The cool thing about doing it this way, is that the house will always look different from year to year. I believe we added on extra rooms to it this year!

If you want to see how we constructed the house out of graham crackers, check out last year’s post where I did step by step pictures. For the icing recipe, you can go HERE.

Here are some of the pictures from this year’s house.

Graham Cracker House Snowman at the Gingerbread House Thumbs Up on a Graham Cracker House

The best part of this Christmas tradition

One of the best parts of this Christmas tradition to me, is that it was born during a lean time. We didn’t have enough to purchase a ready made kit, so we had to do with what we already had on hand.

You could accomplish this same thing by making a special breakfast like, pancakes, eggs, or waffles. In fact, you could even buy a waffle iron from a waffle maker store and then use it for Christmas morning breakfast. We have bought products like that before to make a holiday special.

The amount of memories that come out of times like these tend to be what you hold onto the most. My boys will never care that we made the switch to graham crackers, because we couldn’t afford the kit. They will only care about the time we spent with them and how they felt during it.

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