The New Rules of Lingerie: 3 Pieces of Advice for Every Woman

As I’ve shared before, finding lingerie has not been the easiest thing for me. I think a lot of women share this struggle. I invited Ashley Lipman on to share with us a few tips on how to find lingerie that will work for you.

Here’s what she has to say-

Lingerie has been a part of women’s wardrobes for hundreds of years. Women in the 1800s would wear intricate corsets under their dresses. These corsets used drawstrings to cinch the waist while bone lining formed the body into the well-known hourglass shape.

Now, women have more options than ever when it comes to wearing lingerie! Whether you’re new to lingerie or you’re looking to add new pieces to your wardrobe, here are three things to consider when choosing your latest sexy garments!

Get an expert fitting for your lingerie

Lingerie is something you have to really try to figure out your best fit. You can’t always rely on your measured size because some things might just feel different on your body. To get the best fitting, visit a local boutique. These boutiques will have expert sizers on hand who can help you fit yourself into your new lingerie. A lot of women wear the wrong bra size, so it’s important to make sure you have the best fit if you want to feel your best!

If you’re new, choose a set

If you’re just getting started with your lingerie collection, you probably don’t know where to begin. Instead of picking individual pieces, choose a matching set. To get the most wear out of your new set, choose something in a neutral style and color that will match your current undergarments. This first set will help you build your wardrobe! Take special care of your new set, since this will be the basis for the rest of your lingerie collection.

Once you’ve gained confidence wearing your new set, it’s time to start trying new styles. Experienced lingerie wearers can go for the wow factor. That means trying fun costumes or experimenting with bodysuits or unique fits. Starting small while you’re still figuring out your comfort level is key! Search your favorite lingerie here to find your style!

Choose quality over quantity

Lingerie is the first thing you put on every day, so it really lays the foundation for how you feel. Wearing something sexy can transform your mood for the rest of the day! When you’re choosing your lingerie, make sure you pay attention to quality. These are pieces that are naturally delicate, and they’ll need to be made with care to hold up for years. Choose high-quality fabrics like silk and cotton which are known to last. A few staple lingerie sets can last you years! Choose wisely when buying lingerie for wedding and honeymoon – it’s always important to gain confidence when going into a new era of your life.

Love your lingerie!

Lingerie is a fun way to express yourself! No matter your personal style and taste, there is a lingerie set for you. When you’re first getting started, stick with the basics and explore as you go. There is always room to discover new things when trying new lingerie! Though lingerie is worn other your clothes, it still impacts the way you feel about yourself! Luckily, we live in a time where women have endless options for feeling comfortable and sexy with lingerie!

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6 Responses

  1. It’s important for a wife to wear lingerie that allows and encourages her to feel good about her body. Ill-fitting or poorly designed lingerie will not provide for that. Lingerie should make her feel desirable, sexy even. No surprise there, huh?

    As much as she may buy for herself, she likely has her husband in mind too. She wants something he will approve of and enjoy. The problem can come about when he has specific ideas of what looks sexy to him but that does not fit or perform well on her. It may be a bra that lacks cups for shaping, underwire for support, or lace that is scratchy. If a teddy, it may be to short from shoulder to crotch or the bust line may fall in the wrong spot for her body. Panties may be too low in the front, to high on the thighs, or show too much cheek. All of these issues may make a very pretty, sexy garment in a photo or on a hanger make her not feel pretty and sexy in it.

    My point is this: If you are going to bother buying and are going to be receiving lingerie as a gift from your spouse, take the time to educate him as to why certain items look and feel better on you. It does no good for him to buy or encourage you to buy things which neither flatter your body or enhance your self-image when you wear them. If that is what they do, you will relegate them to the back of the bottom drawer after one obligatory wearing and it will be money wasted and disappointment shared. He does not understand why a busty wife or post-partum mother who has nursed children may not want to wear a sheer, no underwire demi bra or bralette. Educate him why you buy the way you do so you can both be happy with items that serve the two of you well. Sometimes all he needs an explanation why you won’t wear something that makes you feel less than sexy to get him suggesting or buying what you feel will. He’ll come around when he realizes you will consistently wear things you feel good about on you that he can like too.

      1. I keep learning. The last year has been one of study and no posting as you may have notice. Beginning to feel ready to write again.

  2. Wow, you mentioned exactly the two main mistakes I made when I first started getting into lingerie. I didn’t know what to pair with what, so I just bought random pieces. Your tip to buy a set is such a smart one, can’t go wrong with it. Also, just like many other girls out there do, I also bought way too many pieces at once. Just like you wrote, it’s better to have few good pieces than a lot of boring ones.
    I enjoyed reading your article a lot, great job!

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