The Power of Foreplay in Marriage

There are probably many couples that don’t engage in foreplay. In fact, they may not even know the necessity of taking the time.  Well, I am here to let you know that ’s very important to invest in the time to connect with your lover before sex. Here are 7 reasons why you should frequently engage in foreplay.

The Power of Foreplay in Marriage


1. Foreplay Makes Sex More Fun

Engaging in foreplay allows time for you and your spouse to get turned on. When this happens, sex becomes more fun.  It also creates an intimate connection and strengthens your relationship. It can be fun to connect in ways other than intercourse.

2. Allows You to Find Things in Common

If you and your spouse struggle to find things in common, sex can be the one thing that helps you to connect. Foreplay allows you to take time with lovemaking and discover the things you like together. Lovemaking can be more meaningful through various acts of foreplay.


3. Heats Things Up

Are you looking for new ways to create passion in the bedroom? Foreplay can help with that. When you spend time discovering each other’s physical features and what turns you on, climax can be quite intense. Chances are, you will experience more passion and intensity with foreplay than without.

4. Gives You Chances To Flirt Throughout The Day

Flirting can be so fun. When you are emotionally connected, it comes naturally. Taking the time to connect in physical intimacy allows you to desire each other more. This leads to flirting. Flirting with your spouse builds more intensity for the next sexual encounter.

flirt during the day

5. Creates Sweeter Fantasies

Spending more time on foreplay gives you more to fantasize about when you’re away from your spouse. Replay the things you engage in together and think about your spouse. Fantasizing about your spouse helps to set the mood for more frequent sex.  

6. Unifies You Both

While there are multiple ways to draw close to your spouse, making love is an important one. Sometimes it can bring you together like no other activities can. When you engage in sex, you are giving your undivided attention and expressing your love. Practicing foreplay draws out your lovemaking and makes the connection last longer.

holding hands with spouse

7. Allows Relaxation

Switching gears from working all day right to love making can be difficult and stressful. Making love is sweeter when both you and your spouse are relaxed. Spending time on foreplay will help you relax and enjoy time with one another.

You and your spouse deserve time with one another. Drawing out lovemaking creates many benefits for your marriage. It is a time when you can truly enjoy one another. You both deserve every minute that it lasts.

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