The Reality of Giving Your Spouse a Strip Tease

Giving your spouse a strip tease sounds so sexy! Amiright? But, have you ever tried to strip down in a sexy way? It’s way harder than it seems and the entire time, you feel like you have no idea what you’re doing. Are they getting turned on? Is this even sexy? I get it. Here’s some of my thoughts on the reality of giving your spouse a striptease. 

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The Reality of Giving Your Spouse a Strip Tease

Here’s the reality – trying to get undressed in a sexy way is 100% awkward….the first few times. You are going to feel like a big dweeb. Some people never get away from that feeling, but if you do it enough and listen to the praise of your spouse, I’m positive you’ll have a confidence boost. 

Anytime you go out on a limb for your lover, it can be really scary. You will think the entire time that you are not doing something right. However, I think most of us appreciate it when someone has clearly put in a lot of effort into doing something sweet for us.

Even if you feel silly, your spouse may absolutely love the fact that you tried, and will most likely be pleased with what you did for them.

How Do You Make it Less Awkward and Uncomfortable?

Really, all you are trying to do is please your spouse. You don’t have to please anyone else but them. You have an audience of one! Just one! How incredible is that?

Ask your spouse what they like and try to do it. Experimenting is all you can do when it comes to trying to undress yourself in a seductive manner.

Can You Undress Each Other in a Sexy Way?

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On to the next question that I’ve seen come across, “How to undress your wife or husband”. I just laugh out loud at this one, because it is super hard to undress another person- especially while you are kissing. Again, movies are not real and you do not have the stage directions for how each of you are supposed to move around.

It can be fun to try and undress each other- I mean- it can be funny…downright hilarious actually. You will likely have a great laugh trying to get each other’s clothes off. That is absolutely ok to have silly sex and laugh a lot.

Oh- I know laughing isn’t what you consider to be sexy, but it’s just going to happen sometimes.

It’s Ok To Try Something That Doesn’t Work Out in The Bedroom

I think you should try a lot of different things in the bedroom to see what works and what doesn’t. If it doesn’t work the first time, try again, maybe it will work the next time.

Go ahead and try to get undressed in a sexy way, even if you laugh and blush through the whole thing. It could fulfill one of their fantasies about you! Try to take each other’s clothes off even if you have to give up and unbutton your own pants or snap off your own bra.

Don’t let awkward feelings keep you from exploring your sexuality with your lover. They are the ones you should be able to do crazy things around and know they are still going to love you.


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