How Going Through A Rough Time Made Me a Much Nicer Person

You wouldn’t think that going through a hard time could cause you to be anything but bitter and angry. The truth is, depending on the rough time you go through, it could have the absolute opposite effect on you as it had on me, but there was a period where I was feeling beat down, and struggled to see the way out.

the rough times changed me

The Life Changing Event

Several years ago, I had a significant life change happen to me that I didn’t ask for. It felt so unfair because I had to pick up the pieces from the decisions of someone else. 

During that time, I felt betrayed and like my trust had been broken. I was at odds with the person that I was supposed to be on the same page with. It was so hard to communicate with one another or keep our relationship going. 

Not only was I having a hard time with the decision, but I also had people questioning me as to why certain choices were made. I felt like I was coming under fire for something that wasn’t even my fault. 

Challenging Time In My Life

Needless to say, it was a challenging time in my life. I had a lot of identity issues I needed to deal with, along with finding enough income to replace our losses. 

For a while, I was a pretty horrible person and very angry. I wasn’t in a good place, and the people closest in my life felt it. 

Then something changed…I started pulling out of the difficult time. I gained perspective and realized that the changes in my life were better than it was before. It became clear that the difficult time I went through was necessary to help me become who I am today. 

Becoming Nicer

Ever since that point in time, I have been a more pleasant person to the people around me. I believe it is because I have a lot more empathy towards others than I have ever had before. I’m much more patient with people because who knows the amount of stress they are dealing with. 

If only I had people in my life that would have taken notice of me during those periods. Now, I hope to be the person that is nice to others just in case they are having a bad day. My actions towards others could be the difference between them making it and struggling even more. 

It is amazing how a kind word can help those around you. Before the crap situation I dealt with, I never knew how important having people be friendly to me was. You can always rely on your circle, don’t be afraid to talk to them!

During that time, many people in my life were more than mean. They were downright hateful. It made me appreciate the nicer people around me even more. 

If you ever go through a terrible situation, I hope that you will turn out to be in a better place, just like I did. It is important that we don’t let this life break us, rather than use the things we learn to turn us into amazing individuals.

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  1. Keelie, thanks for being so transparent and letting us see into your process of dealing with a painful situation. Yes, they totally suck, but the fruit of God’s handiwork during those painful times is so sweet. 🙂 Again, thanks.

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