The Story Behind Starting My Blog

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The Story Behind Starting My Blog

I knew I wanted to start a blog, but didn’t know what to focus on. When I took a look around the blogosphere, it seemed as though there were plenty of great men and women talking about things that I was passionate about. It was really hard to see myself excelling in any focus, because everyone else was seemingly doing it better than I ever could.

My Biggest Blog Influence

I’ve written on Money Saving Mom a few times, as well as on my own blog that Crystal has made a huge impact on my life. For 7 years, Money Saving Mom was the only blog I read. It has been a blessing to me how much she has poured into her readers, and I knew I wanted to do the same thing for others.

Crystal has worked so hard over the years and has continually spoken truth into my life as well as given me practical advice in so many areas. I felt that if she could have that impact on others, didn’t I owe it to my potential audience to figure out what I would be most effective at? That is why I started my journey on developing a focus.

How I Decided What My Blog Should Be About

Blog Topics

I had been freelance blog writing for clients for about a year, when I finally had the courage to start the process of building my own blog. There were a lot of hurdles I had to overcome to get it off the ground, but the biggest one was determining what I could write about and stay passionate over.

Prayed About It

Over the course of a few weeks, I asked God to show me what I was passionate about and how I could serve Him through my website. All of the success that I’ve had as a write I attribute to Him. By praying about the focus, I believe God stirred my heart and brought things to my mind that I had never thought about before.

Wrote Blog Posts For Others


Like I said, I had been freelance writing for about a year. When I was feeling ready to create my own site, I started paying attention to the topics I was writing for others. Some of the things I write about is for the sake of a paycheck, but other things I write about bring life to me as a person.

For a few weeks, I really paid attention to how I felt when writing about different things. If you are not able pick up freelancing gigs like I have, then pick several different topics and start writing about them. Pay attention to the content that feels like a chore and what makes your heart sing.

Discussed it With My Husband

My husband had been after me for a number of years to start a blog, because he knew I have always wanted to be a writer. He helped me to think through the focuses I was considering. He knows me better than anyone and can tell when something has really captured my heart. Our discussions helped me to solidify my topic.

Remembered What I’ve Always Felt Passionate About

Love Hope Adventure

As a teenager, I went to a True Love Waits retreat. This was the single most life changing experience I had while in youth ministry. The adults poured into us and talked to us about how great sex is and the benefits of waiting until marriage. It solidified everything my parents had always told me about this amazing gift that God gave us.

From that moment, I developed a deep passion to share that message with youth and older singles. As a result, I planned and hosted more than one abstinence retreat. Also, I was asked to talk about this topic at a few different youth retreats over the years as well as during regular Bible study.

For the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to speak to women’s groups about marriage and intimacy. Not only that, I was a discussion group leader for two years and had the ability to counsel with women that were younger than me.

By asking God to show me what my biggest passions are, paying attention to what gives me life, talking about it with my husband, and looking back over the opportunities God has given me in ministry, I developed my blog topic. It was a long process and took a few months for me to develop my focus.

The World Needs Your Story

The biggest take away that I received from Crystal’s book, Money-Making Mom: How Every Woman Can Earn More and Make a Difference, is that the world needs your story. She wrote many valuable things in her book, as well as practical tips on how to start your own business. However, I will forever remember how much those words impacted me as a blogger that was just starting out.

Maybe you are looking around right now and thinking that you don’t have anything of value to add to the world. I side with Crystal on this one, because it’s true, the world does need your story. You have something to say and there is an audience waiting to hear it.

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