The Ultimate Marriage Journal to Help Grow in Intimacy

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The Ultimate Marriage Journal Helps Your Relationship

I was so excited when Tammy from Married and Naked let on that she was putting together a book. I contacted her right away to find out what she was working on and see how I could help her promote it.

I love what Tammy writes about on her website and I love to see her meaningful posts.

She sent me a copy of the marriage journal that she and her husband created. She shares the story that this journal really saved their marriage. You can buy it now through the link below- 


The ultimate marriage journal

Austin Surprised Me With a Thank You Note

Austin saw the book come in the mail and asked what it was all about. I told him that I was planning to look it over and hopefully use it for a few days. Without asking him, he left me a thank you note on the first page of the journal.

Ever since we have had fun passing the journal back and forth to one another’s nightstands.

What Does Thankfulness Do For Your Marriage

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Tammy is definitely right when she says that being thankful for your spouse can greatly change your marriage. It is so true. When you are thankful for something, then you have a much more difficult time taking it for granted.

Not only are you less likely to take your spouse for granted, you also have a much more difficult time staying mad at them.

Be More Content In Your Relationship

Being thankful helps you to be much more content in your life. The same is true when it comes to being in relationship. You have a much easier time being content with your spouse when you find things to be thankful about them.

My Thoughts About The Marriage Journal

It has been a lot of fun writing short notes to Austin every day and receiving one back. We both have a bit of anticipation waiting to see what the other person is going to say.

So far, it has not been hard to come up with something to be thankful for. We have found really specific things to say to each other from the day. It has given us a chance to say things to each other that we wouldn’t normally say.

What If My Spouse Doesn’t Want to Use the Journal

Maybe you want to get this journal but feel your spouse will not participate. There is nothing wrong with being the one to initiate saying thank you and not having it reciprocated. Consider doing this for your spouse in a selfless way. If nothing else, it will change your attitude about your marriage.

I hope that you will check out the journal she put together. It can really help you if you have a strained marriage.

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