Things to Say That is More Important Than “I Love You”

Ok, these phrases may not be “more” important than saying I love you, but they need to make it in the mix. And…for the record, I’m not giving anyone a pass to stop saying I love you or give you another reason for not saying it. If you love someone, you should say those words verbally…and often!

However, I think we use the word love far too often for things that we don’t actually have affection for. I love donuts. I love pizza. I love this song. We have overused the word so much, that it may be lost on the person you are saying it to. 

That’s why I think these are phrases are worth adding into the mix: 

“I Care For You”

Telling someone that you care for them let’s them know you have deep feelings for them. Caring for someone conveys that you want to show your love through acts of service. It is endearing to tell someone that they are cared for.

“You’re On My Mind”

Most of us love to know we are on someone’s mind, whether it is briefly or for a longer period of time. When a person comes to your mind, be sure you let them know. You can send a quick message through text or mention it when you see them. 

“I Really Really Like You”

I know this one sounds a bit juvenile, but I love a lot of people that I do not like that much. Telling someone that you like who they are is very encouraging. We all want to be accepted for our quirkiness and odd things. Having someone share with you that they like you is awesome. 

“Here’s Some of Your Favorite Food!”

Well, these days, with my limited diet, if anyone says, I brought something you can eat, it really impacts me. It means that they had to plan out a meal for me to enjoy and I feel truly loved.

What phrases would you add? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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