Third Week of Advent

Week 3 Advent 2014

It is hard to believe that we are coming into the third week of advent. This candle represents the joy we experience of the news of Jesus’ birth. You can see the first week of advent HERE and the second week of advent HERE.

Third Week of Advent- Purple Joy Candle


This week we reflect on the third week of Advent. This candle represents the Angels and the joy they proclaimed to Mary and the Shepherds. If you are using an advent wreath that has 3 purple candles, 1 pink candle, and 1 white candle, this is the week to light the pink candle. Two purple candles and the pink candles should be lit.

Our Holy and perfect Father in heaven, sent His son, Jesus, to be born of a virgin in a humble manner. The Christ child, whom had been foretold of for generations, had finally arrived. Terrifying as it was to Mary and the shepherds; the Angels appeared to them and proclaimed the good news of great joy that would encompass all of humanity. News of Jesus’ birth proclaimed was worthy of such joy.

 Luke 1:35-49

The Angel appears to Mary and tell her that she is with child. Also, she is told that her cousin Elizabeth will have a child. The truly remarkable thing about Elizabeth, is that she is older. It is a miracle that she is pregnant. She was considered to be barren, but she is six months along now.

Mary told the Angel she believed everything would happen just as was told to her. After the Angel left, Mary rushed to visit Elizabeth. When she arrived, the baby leaped inside of Elizabeth’s womb.

Luke 2:8-15


The Angel appeared to shepherds keeping their flocks at night. A whole host of Angels came before the shepherds saying, “Peace on earth, good will to men”. The host went on to share that the savior would be born that night. The shepherds were astounded about the happenings. As soon as the Angels left them, they headed to Bethlehem to find Mary and Joseph.

The Angels spoke of joy that was more than just happiness brought about by something pleasurable. They told of joy that is divinely given by the God of Hosts. A joy that is so overwhelming to us, when we experience it, we can not contain it within ourselves. We can leap for joy as the baby in Elizabeth’s womb.

Be reminded of the salvation brought to us that day and be consumed by the joy that God revealed to us.

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