Tips to Achieve Pleasure With a Toy

I know I don’t normally talk about marital aids here on Love Hope Adventure, but I think that for some people, this can be good. Not everyone agrees with using toys with their spouse, but some do. For those that feel this type of aid can bring intimacy in their marriage bed, I wrote an article for you.

Before I send you over to my sister website, l Am The Sex Talk Lady, I wanted to give you a few thoughts about this subject.

Do what you believe is right

Some people do not think that toys are God honoring for the marriage bed, and I would say if that’s you, then you should not use them. Others feel that there is freedom to use them as long as you are doing it with your spouse. It is really important that you and your spouse make this decision for yourself.

Avoid solo pleasure

I think one of the reasons people are against marital aids, such as toys, is that they are worried solo sex will happen. It is certainly a conversation you and your spouse must have whether you use toys or not. You guys need to put some boundaries in place in regards to pleasuring yourself.

Personally, I would encourage you to avoid pleasing yourself with toys, hands, water, or whatever you are using if your spouse is not with you. If they work out of town or away from you for an extended period, I would suggest you work on solutions for one another.

I think there are way you can pleasure yourself while you are away from your spouse in a way that can bring intimacy in your marriage. However, I don’t have any real guidance on how to do that. If you are in that place, pray about how God wants you to keep your marriage strong during those time of absence and do what you both feel is right.

How to achieve pleasure with a toy

If you are someone that feels this is a good idea for you and your spouse, then check out the article I wrote on tips to achieve pleasure with a toy for women.

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