Tips For Having Sex In Front of Mirrors

Have you ever had sex in front of a mirror? I know it can be scary to see yourself naked and being intimate with your spouse, but it can be a really great way to feel sexy again. And, it can help you and your spouse feel more connected. But, how do you have mirror sex, especially if you don’t have a mirror hanging on a wall near your bed?

Tips for Mirror Sex

Having mirror sex can be amazing and awesome! Here are some tips that I put together to get you started.

Get Comfortable in Front of Mirrors Alone

If you are someone that has a hard time seeing yourself naked or being happy with what you see in the mirror, then spend time alone in front of a mirror. The more you see your body naked and refuse to criticize yourself, the more you’ll grow to accept your body.

Place Permanent Mirrors Strategically

If at all possible, you should place a mirror or a few in your room in strategic places. If you have a large mirror on your chest of drawers, try to put that piece of furniture at the end of your bed.

You can attach a long one to a door if you have a door that would give you a good view of your bed . Hanging a long mirror on a wall is a good idea as well.

Permanently placing a few around your room makes it easy to see what is going on. I’m not one for hanging a mirror from your ceiling (because who wants their kids to ask questions?). However, hanging a few around your room is inconspicuous.

Get in Front of Stationary Mirrors

If you do not have the ability to hang strategic mirrors in your room, then consider getting in front of one that is in your room. This will require a bit of creativity for your furniture choice. Maybe you can use a chair or something else that is mobile.

Or you can try standing up. Here are a few standing sex positions you can try.

Also, you can just stand in front of the mirror and do some foreplay moves to get turned on. Visual stimulation is so important for you and your spouse to connect during sex. This is a great way to have hotter sex!

Consider Handheld Mirrors

mirror sex

Depending on lighting and distance, it can be hard to see what is going on without a mirror. Consider using smaller ones that you can hold in your hand. Handheld ones can be moved around or sat in a place that will help you get to see up close what’s happening.

The view you get to see with a smaller mirror up close is much more intimate. If you do not have a small one, then consider turning on the camera option on your phone. Your phone camera will show you the different angles that you are hoping for.

Use the Camera on Your Phone For Mirror Sex

Don’t have a handheld mirror or access to any other mirrors during sex? Then just turn on the camera on your phone and use it. Hold it like you would a handheld mirror and position it so you can see what’s happening during oral sex or other types of foreplay.

Watching Yourselves Have Sex Helps You Connect

When you are pleasuring one another, seeing what is going on is a great way to connect, especially when you make eye contact during sex with a mirror. It can be hard to keep your mind on what is happening. That is why visual stimulation is so helpful. If you see your spouse’s face in a mirror and how they are loving on you either while during sex or oral sex, it makes your connection even deeper.

If you do not have mirrors to use for watching each other during your intimate times, find other ways to see each other. Really look at one another, making eye contact, during these times. It is so important for the health of your marriage and the satisfaction of your sex life.

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    1. hahaha…that is good to hear. 🙂 I just realized I have a few bedroom games I haven’t taken time to release yet. I will have to do that soon! None of them use mirrors though. Wonder if I should put together a game that uses mirrors. hmmmm.

      1. I would encourage you to follow through with this idea

        Thanks for your brings healthy catalyst for so many marriages

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