Tips For G-Spot Stimulation and G-Spot Orgasm

I didn’t know that g-spot stimulation was so highly debated. There is some debate as to whether all women have a g-spot. Even if you do, you may not have ever worked to stimulate it. Here are some tips for g-spot stimulation during sex and foreplay. 

Start By Locating The G-Spot

This sensitive spot is located inside the vagina facing the stomach. The more aroused you become, the larger the g-spot becomes and easier to find. Make sure you’re really aroused and then place your fingers inside of you. You’ll feel around for an area that is bumpy or very swollen. 

To stimulate the g-spot, you can use the come hither finger technique or the reverse come hither technique. Also, you can move the fingers from side to side like a windshield wiper. Some couples prefer using a vibrator. I’ll link up to a few suggestions below. 

Work Up The Stimulation 

You may not enjoy stimulating this area right away. In fact, a lot of women need to work their way up. Try stimulating this area for a minute or two each time you have sex. It may feel uncomfortable the first several times you touch it. 

It’s also important that you are really aroused when stimulating the g-spot. It could be irritating or hurt if you’re not aroused enough before rubbing it. 

Stimulate The Clitoris At The Same Time

It will feel even better to you if you are stimulating the clitoris and the g-spot at the same time. Doing this can make your clitoral stimulation even more arousing than it normally is. This can be done by inserting the fingers inside of the vagina to stimulate the g-spot while using the other hand to rub the clitoris. 

Some women like to use a vibrator to rub their g-spot. You can get a vibrator specifically designed for reaching the g-spot. 

Here are a few suggestions: 

Sex Positions That Will Stimulate The G-Spot

In addition to manual stimulation, there are several positions that you can get into that will reach this area. Here are a few you can try:

Here is a full other list of positions that you can try. 

G-Spot Orgasm Tips

Since you’ll need to be really aroused prior to rubbing this area, it’s important to get really aroused ahead of time. Here is an article that covers 5 erogenous zones on a wife that you can use to help you get warmed up. 

Some women find it best to have a lot of clitoral stimulation before moving to the g-spot. You may want to alternate back and forth between these two in order to achieve orgasm. Also, it’s important to note that you will probably feel like you have to pee when you’re rubbing this area. Make sure you empty your bladder ahead of time unless you are trying to squirt. 

Here’s another article that can give you tips on g-spot orgasm. 

These are a few tips that can help you enjoy this type of stimulation. But, if you don’t like it, try it every now and then. You may change your mind about it eventually. 

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