Tips for a Great Vow Renewal

Tips for a Great Vow Renewal - Pinterest

Wedding vows. They’re super important to Keelie and I. The typed version of our vows from our minister’s outline are in our wedding album. One thing we haven’t ever done is a vow renewal. Maybe someday we will. Today, Alexandria Heinz has some tips on planning a vow renewal ceremony.

The exchange of wedding vows is one of the most pivotal aspects of a wedding. It’s the moment where promises are exchanged between a couple that will build the foundation for their marriage.

Since so much thought and care is put into crafting the perfect wedding vows, why not take the opportunity to renew them? For your next milestone anniversary, celebrate with a vow renewal by commemorating your love and commitment for one another.

Since a vow renewal is not a second wedding, there are many questions out there about how one should go about planning one. That’s why FTD created a guide that will help you plan the perfect vow renewal.

From who you should invite, to where the ceremony should be held, the guide features the most common do’s and don’ts of vow renewal etiquette. Check out the guide below, it’ll be sure to inspire you to plan one of your own!

Tips For a Great Vow Renewal

Tips For a Great Vow Renewal

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