Tips on How to Please Your Wife


Guys, there’s no silver bullet when it comes to pleasing your wife in the bedroom. You have to take time to learn what turns your wife on how you can best satisfy her. That being said, tested tips and advice don’t hurt either.

A Little Help From Our Friends

Our friend Brent from recently wrote a post for us over at Keelie’s second site, He has some great points about approaching intimacy from a big picture point of view. He covers tips for the beginning, middle, and end of intimacy with your spouse.

I realized shortly after marrying Keelie that I would have the great pleasure of spending the rest of my life studying ever facet about her. I took up the challenge to become a Keelie expert. I diligently research every part of who she is – physically, emotionally, intellectually, etc. I challenge you to do the same with your spouse.

With that in mind, consider Brent’s article as prep work! Go do a little reading and prepare to study!

You can find his article here.

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