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multiple orgasms

It doesn’t seem fair that some women never experience multiple orgasms during physical intimacy, while some of us go again and again in the same session. Even if you haven’t been able to experience this yet, you should know that it is possible to reach this point more than once.

Today, I want to give tips on how to achieve multiples for those that want to try. These tips are for those that already know how to have one.

Master Having One Every Time

Make it your goal to have one every time you are physically intimate. A lot of women do not reach this point during every encounter.

Tell your husband your goals ahead of time. If you both go into sex knowing that you want to have one, then he can do what is necessary to help you get there.

This was one of the biggest changes I made in my own sex life. There were times when we would start and I wasn’t in the mood. I would go ahead and decide ahead of time that the session wasn’t for me.

When I changed my mindset and let my husband know ahead of time what my intentions were, I was successful every time.

Have Physical Intimacy More Often

Once you have mastered having one every time you make love, it is time to increase the number of times you are together in a week. You will condition your body to want to desire that release.

Don’t be surprised if your desire for physical intimacy increases. It is pretty normal that your sexual appetite is going to grow.

Take a Break For a Few Days

After a few weeks of increasing your encounters, take a few days off. Coming together after your period is over is always a good time to try for multiples. What you are trying to do is get your body as aroused as possible before you go into sexual activity with your husband.

You will automatically be ready for release if you haven’t had it in a few days. It is important that you increase the number of times you need it in a week. Then extend the period of time by a day or two.

Get REALLY Ready

Most often, a woman can go into a time of intercourse without being in the mood. When you are trying to master multiples, you need to get really ready. You and your husband should invest in more foreplay. Clitoral stimulation is incredibly important for a woman, but there are many ways to accomplish this. Some couples like using sex toys for sexual stimulation. Some couples enjoy trying new positions. The more in the mood you and your husband can be, the better that sexual stimulation will get you closer to orgasm.

When it comes to foreplay, you need to share with your husband what turns you on. I would suggest that whatever you choose to do, that you stay away from your coochie until you are ready to reach your first.

Anticipation is your friend when it comes to having more than one orgasm for the first time.

Avoid Overstimulation

When you are trying to go for more than one orgasm, go with a position that doesn’t overstimulate you. A lot of women like tongue or finger stimulation. If that is the only way you can reach the first one, it might be more difficult for you to have multiples. Some prefer clitoral stimulation through the use of sex toys. Some can only reach orgasm through the act of sex itself.

You will need to give yourself enough time to calm down before going at it again. Otherwise, it will be overly sensitive and not feel good. Some women find that if they have their first orgasm through direct stimulation, they can have consecutive O’s through intercourse.

If you know how to reach the big orgasm through PIV, (guy parts in girl parts) it can keep you from becoming overstimulated. 

Take a Small Break

After you reach your first O, stop moving for a few seconds at least. Stay engaged with your spouse, but both of you need to quit moving around. This will allow you to calm down a bit and have a place to start from again.

Once you’ve calmed down for a minute, start moving again. You might be very surprised that it still feels good.

Some women say that with each one, it feels better. Others say it feels good but different from the first. Expect that each one will not feel quite the same as the one before.

Keep Your Head in the Game

It is important to keep yourself aroused the whole time. If your mind starts wandering while you are having sex, refocus yourself. Consider getting in front of a mirror so that you can see what is going on. If you can’t see what is happening, visualize sex in your mind.

If you have nothing to visualize, then you can just focus your mind on the movements that are feeling good. Also, you can ask yourself what will feel good next.

Communicate With Your Husband

If you want to have more than one, it is going to take communication with your husband. Just remember, real sex is nothing like television sex. Every little move he makes is not going to blow your mind. Every sexual activity will be different and unique.

It takes a lot of intentional actions and movements to reach this point for a woman. Don’t be afraid to tell him to move differently or at a different speed.

Go Into Each Encounter With The Right Mindset

Once you figure out how to have more than one orgasm, you can start expecting to do that each time. For women, reaching that blissful moment is mental. You can experience multiple orgasms every time with enough practice and the right mindset.

When you go into the encounter expecting to have more than one, you will have a better chance of being successful. It is also important that you communicate your goals with your spouse. This will help them to know what to be prepared for.

Build Your Stamina

To have more than one orgasm, it takes physical stamina. You might notice your abdominal muscles feeling strained after two or three times. The amount of energy you have to expel will depend on how much it takes to reach each O.

You might want to spend time doing sit-ups and focusing on your core muscles. The stronger your core, the easier it will be to enjoy yourself during sex.

It gets easier to experience multiple orgasms as you get better at it. Over the course of time, having more than one every time won’t even be the question. The truth is, a woman can keep going over and over. At some point, you will need to decide that you are done.

Hopefully, you will be able to reach more than one if that is your goal. I think it is a great idea to set goals for your sex life.

You can check out what El Fury has to say about How to Help Your Wife Reach Bliss.

J talks about her experience of different types of O’s that you might experience. Her amusement park post cracks me up, but it is so accurate.

Jay Dee talks about experiences of bliss from different wives. He also gives ideas of how a husband can help his wife.

If you liked this one, be sure to check out the tips I wrote for a woman to achieve her first one.

Tips on How a Woman Can Achieve Physical Pleasure

multiple orgasms

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6 Responses

  1. Great post, thanks for the link! A couple of questions…

    1. Can you orgasm from quickies? It seems that having an orgasm every time is a fine goal, but it seems that many/most women require a time investment to reach orgasm.

    2. PIV sex just doesn’t work for most women to reach orgasm. I think Jay Dee recently posted a study showing that if a woman’s clitoris is more than 1 inch from her urethra then she’ll have a very hard/impossible time climaxing from PIV alone. (If I remember the details correctly.)

    In our experience, Sexy Corte has an orgasm whenever she wants, and that isn’t every time. It’s probably 3 times a week, and we have sex pretty much every day.

    1. Can I orgasm from quickies? It depends on how excited I am. 😀 This article is definitely geared towards a woman that already knows what she has to do in order to orgasm. So, the real value here is to know what to do after she has the first orgasm and then to have consecutive ones after, which I find can be reached very quickly once you get to that point.

      I believe most of what I shared will help women that are orgasming through manual stimulation or vibrators. The real key is to back off enough to let yourself settle down so that you have something to get over again for another orgasm.

      By orgasming every time, my hopes were to communicate that if a woman is struggling to know how to orgasm if she wants to, then she needs to master that first, before she can master the multiples. If you are woman that orgasms, but it just happens, then it can be hard to apply any of these principles to having more than one.

      I’ll change the statement about it being easier to climax with PIV sex. What I was trying to communicate is that if you want to avoid over stimulation, you can do that easier with PIV sex, assuming you can orgasm that way. 😀 I know that plenty of women are unable to orgasm this way. Some of it is angle, some I’m sure has to do with their anatomy, and it can also have a lot to do with the way their husband is moving, too.

  2. Oh sure, not trying to nit-pick 🙂

    It takes energy (mental and physical) for SC to orgasm, but even if she doesn’t feel like doing that she’s generally up for sex (and enjoys it). She knows what it takes to get there, so yeah, that’s important!

    1. So happy she knows! It can be so hard for some women and I hate that for them. 🙁 I’m happy to know you guys have an awesome sex life.

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