Tips to Give Your Spouse a Rim Job

If you haven’t heard of a rim job before, this is when you stimulate the anus using your tongue and mouth. For a lot of people, this is a very pleasurable experience. So, if you or your spouse would like to try rimming, here are a few tips with that. 

1. Get Really Clean

As with any oral sex, you want to make sure your intimate areas are really clean ahead of time. I recommend that you take a shower and scrub everything really well. This is preferable to just using wipes because those can leave lint. Also, you won’t get as clean. 

Some people use douches ahead of time to prepare the area. That’s completely a personal preference. You and your spouse should discuss what kind of cleaning is needed for you both to feel comfortable. 

However, I do recommend that you use a natural deodorant called Lume ahead of time. Not necessarily right before your spouse uses their mouth on your anus (unless you plan to use the rubber dam), but the day before is enough. This deodorant can be used on your anus and vagina without any problems. It should last for a day, and it cuts down on the smell of your private parts. 

2. Use a Dental Dam

If you’ve had dental work done, you’ve likely had a dental dam in your mouth before. Essentially, it’s a covering that you can lay over your spouse’s anus while giving them a rim job. Dental dams can be purchased online or possibly at a pharmacy. 

To use the dental dam, you just lay the sheet over the anus and lick, bite, or suck on top of the lining. This provides you safety when giving a rim job. 

3. Slowly Lick and Tease

Just like any stimulation, you want to start slowly and tease. Lick lightly and softly to see what your spouse responds to best. You can lick all around the anus and then over the hole. 

4. Place Pressure in The Right Spots

It can be pleasurable to place pressure on the anal opening. You can use a firm tongue to do this or even add in your finger. Some people prefer to place their tongue inside of the anal opening to stimulate their spouse. 

5. Add in Penile or Clitoral Stimulation

Either manually stimulate your spouse using your hand or have them use a vibrator on themselves while you give them a rim job. This can heighten the experience and it will lead to orgasm. 

6. Explore What Works Together

What’s most important about rimming or any type of stimulation, is to explore what works with your spouse. Keep the lines of communication open and really share with each other what feels good and what doesn’t. 

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