Tips On How a Woman Can Achieve Orgasm

True phyiscal intimacy with your spouse is connecting with each other all types of levels. Sharing life together through experiences, talking, and physical expression all make up intimacy. A lot of women have a hard time having orgasms, even when they are connected with their loved on. This can be a huge frustration to one or both partners in the marriage. While I cannot guarantee that my advice will help a woman experience physical bliss, I can offer a bit of advice that may help.

Tips on How to Achieve Orgasm

Decide ahead of time what methods you would like to start with. You can do direct clitoral stimulation or intercourse. I suggest you use lubrication no matter if you are going with manual stimulation or intercourse.

Guide Your Husband

Tell your husband to start off slow. While he is pleasing you, think about what he is doing. You must be in tune to what is going on. If something feels good, moan. If it doesn’t feel good, tell him to try something else. It can be as simple as saying, “go softer”, “keep doing that”, “do this instead”.

Guide your spouse as much as you can. Do not feel discouraged if it is taking a long time. It can take an hour or more for you to reach bliss on the first time.

Keep Your Mind on What You Are Doing


While you are being pleasured, keep your mind focused on what is going on. We ladies are known for multitasking. This is a time when you have to keep your head in the game.

Looking at what he is doing can help you keep your mind where it needs to be. Use a mirror if you can’t see what is going on. This will also give you pure things to think about when you are being intimate in the future.

Thinking about sexual acts is very stimulating. For the Godly man and woman, thinking about sex acts that happen between each other is not sinful. However, entertaining visions that are not of one another can be very damaging.

Make Noises and Use Your Words


This may not feel comfortable, but it is important that you make noise. Whether you moan or talk, you should react vocally. I do not know the science behind why this works, but it does.

You will reach a point when moaning will help you more than talking. If you are worried that children or others will hear you, whisper moan, but make sure you are expressing yourself vocally.

Point Your Toes and Arch Your Back


Often times, when something feels good, you will naturally point your toes or arch your back. When you do this, it can help intensify what your spouse is doing. You do not have to wait for your body to do this naturally, go ahead and help yourself out.

Take Deep Breaths


Be sure you are breathing while you have sex. When you take deep breaths, you are sending oxygen throughout your body. You need good blood flow to your erogenous zones in order to climax. Intentionally breathe in and out as much as you can.

Feel Like the Sexy Woman You Are


There is nothing wrong with looking sexy for your husband. I’m not suggesting that you go out in public and act or dress sexy. When you are in the bedroom with your spouse, that is a different story.

Even a reserved woman can feel sexy about her body when in the presence of her spouse. Feeling sexy will help you reach orgasm.

When your husband is doing something that feels good, own it. Tell him that it feels good. Think it in your mind. This is part of the process of reaching climax.

For you to reach orgasm, you have to decide you want to be pleased. Then you have to let your husband please you. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but it is worth it.

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  1. Thanks so much for those helpful tips. 🙂 I know that some women really struggle with this. I know so many men want to help their wives, but struggle. It can be hard for both parties when she is unsuccessful.

  2. My congratulations that Austin gets to have a wife of 20 years that looks like she must have got engaged when she was one day old.

    1. We’ve actually only been married for 12. 🙂 we dated for 5 years before we got married, so we’ve been in relationship for a pretty long time. 😀

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