Why Would Anyone Want to do _____ in The Bedroom?

I get asked all the time why someone would want to do __________ in the bedroom. The blank has ranged from things like oral to anal to light bondage, etc. You get the picture. Ever since I started writing for my marriage blog, I’ve tried to keep a really open mind about the things that couples do together that bring intimacy.

Now, I’m not talking about things that are touted as “spicing things up” that genuinely cause division. Things like porn, threesomes, or anything that makes one person feel degraded. What I am talking about are things that are on a couple’s mind to be intimate.

For example, I know couples that like to use blindfolds or have their hands lightly bond to the bedposts. That’s not something I’m going to feel comfortable with, but I know these couples are enjoying time together in an intimate way where both feel clean before God.

But, then it happened…I was sooooo judgemental! I read a question on a friend’s blog about something in the bedroom that I just thought, why would anyone want to do that? And honestly, it’s not my place. It’s that type of judgment that keeps people from sharing their questions with others.

So, friends, I apologize. I want to say sorry for my internal reaction to reading what someone else desires in the bedroom. And, I’m going to be on guard against those thoughts so that I am someone you can trust with your questions.

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