Turn Ice Pops Into a Slushy

The other night my boys came to me and asked me if we could have a dessert after dinner. It is getting to the end of the month around here, and that means that our pantry and refrigerator are looking pretty bare. As I started looking around to see what I had to give them, all I found was a bunch of ice pops up in the freezer.

Here is what I did to turn my ice pops into a slushy.

Put Ice Pops in a Blender


I pulled out a ice pops and tried to stick with the same colors to make a slushy. To loosen the ice pop from inside of the wrapper, I ran it under warm water for a few seconds.

Then I squeezed them out into the blender. Immediately, I cut the blender on, and it wouldn’t blend these ice pops at all. So, I added about 1/2 a cup of cold water to get it started. It is important to add cold water and not warm water, or it will make the slushy become runny.

Blend Until it All Pieces of the Ice Pops Have Been Crushed


Continue to blend until all pieces of the ice pop have been turned into a slushy consistency. It may require a little bit more water, but add no more than a tablespoon at a time, or you will make it too runny. You might also need to stop the blender and push the ice pops down toward the blade a couple of times.

This project was very simple and only took me about 10 minutes to make the drinks for my three boys. I don’t think it will take even that long the next time I try it since I have the process figured out now.

I was really happy with the consistency that this method produced. It was much better than using ice and adding a syrup in my opinion. Good luck to all those who try this out.

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