Two Podcasts I’m Listening to This Week

2 Podcasts I'm Listening to This Week

This week, I have had the chance to listen to two new podcasts that are just starting up from other bloggers I follow. I wanted to let you know about these two podcasts in case you are looking for new podcasts to check out.

MacKenzie Monroe- Cultivating The Lovely Podcast

Cultivating the Lovely Podcast

MacKenzie Monroe blogs over at Bold Turquoise. She is a homeschool mom of 4 and been blogging for several years. Her passion is to help others cultivate loveliness in their lives.

You can catch her morning show on Periscope. Currently, she is doing a study on Philippians in the morning. You can check out her study HERE. 

I had a chance to listen to her introduction podcast and catch a vision for what she will do on her weekly casts. The show will be on iTunes starting today.

Jay Dee- Sex Within Marriage


I’ve talked about Jay Dee several times on my blog. He has been blogging over at Sex Within Marriage for a lot of years. His ministry is to help couples grow in a deeper relationship with one another. He speaks about sex and marriage through a Biblical perspective.

Recently, he decided to start the Sex Within Marriage podcast so that he can speak about marriage and sex topics.

I have been following him for a number of months and find his point of view challenging and interesting. In his first episode, he gives a general idea of what he hopes to accomplish from week to week.

If you have any great podcasts you think we should check out, leave me a message in the comments. It is always wonderful to hear other people’s point of view.

I find that when Austin and I listen to what others have to say, it gives us a lot to talk about. We have a chance to weigh in our own opinions, and their thoughts help to shape our way of thinking.

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