7 Signs Your Relationship With Social Media is Unhealthy

Even though social media has only been around for a relatively short time, it feels as though it has taken over many people’s lives. Everybody and their grandma is on Facebook these days, and there are many other outlets to share. 

unhealthy social media relationship

I think that some great things have come out of these outlets. I’ve seen it be really awesome, but I’ve also seen people develop unhealthy relationships with social media. Here are the top 7 signs you do not have a healthy relationship with social media. 

1. Feel Disconnected From The World If You Don’t Get On

I’m not saying that scrolling through your feed won’t help you feel connected to the world around you. I’m saying that you shouldn’t feel at a loss because you didn’t get on one day. This summer, I realized how deep into the Facebook pull I had ended up. And it was kind of eye-opening to step back and realize how much I felt I needed my daily Facebook checks.

I had to know what my friends were doing all the time. I had to see their lives, kids, unique things they were doing, it just goes on and on. But I was slowly feeling disconnected from my world all around me. So I took a break, and it gave me a fresh perspective on social media. And again, social media can be used productively and socially. I just had to realize its place in my life and balance it with my own life.

2. Use it as a Way to Avoid Socializing

There are times when you want to distract yourself, such as waiting in a long line. However, if you are in a social environment, it is time to put the phone away. If you are using social media to keep yourself from being social, you have a problem. 

3. Vent In Your Posts

There is entirely too much being shared or said on people’s updates. If you are using these outlets to vent your feelings, you should take a break.

4. Address Issues With Your Real-Life Relationships

No one wants to see you fight with your family, friends, or significant other online. Social media is not a place to address issues with people you actually know. Last time I checked, our cell phones can be used to place a call…just saying. 

Now social media can be used to reinforce or show love to others, including your spouse. I love showing my husband love through technology because we’re not always in the same room. Schedules, life, kids, work, sometimes I don’t see him the entire day. So being able to text him or share something on his feed keeps me connected with him.  

5. Give Play By Play Updates Of Your Life

It doesn’t matter what you are doing. No one wants to read the play-by-play of your life. I’m not saying there isn’t a time and place for live posting, but it is way overused. We do need live updates of actual news that unfolds, so I am thankful for social media. However, no one needs live updates of your night out with friends.

6. Feel Jealous Of Your Friends

Jealousy is a real issue for us as humans. Now throw social media into the mix, and it makes life even more difficult. It can feel as though all of your friends are having more fun than you are. Taking a look online, you can walk away feeling jealous of your friends. If that is happening, you might want to detox. 

7. Things Are Not Getting Accomplished

If you are getting so distracted by social media that you can’t get anything done, you have a problem. Using these platforms to take a break is one thing, but if it is consuming all of your time, you aren’t using it right. 

As social media platforms grow, we will have to be more and more diligent in keeping ourselves from growing apart as humans. Never let your digital interactions replace your in-person actions. 

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