Update on The Between the Periods Challenge

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Last week I wrote about a sex challenge that we are doing around here. I don’t know if you are following us in this or not. I wanted to write a little update about our progress so far.

We are officially a week into the vanilla sex challenge. I laid it out in this post that we would be taking a challenge to have sex every night in the same position. For the purpose of this challenge, I defined vanilla sex as guy on top, girl on bottom.

How We Are Doing on the Challenge

Well, something happened last week that really surprised me…we hit our limit. Apparently, four days of sex in a row is just too much for us. I can’t say that is always true, but at least last week it was.

We’ve both been fighting the allergy season pretty hard around here. I don’t know if not feeling physically up to par was part of the problem or not. 

Either way, we just decided that for the rest of the month, that we would have sex in that position whenever we have sex. We have done away with the every night challenge. 

Considering we have a really good love life, I don’t think we have to mess with our frequency to be satisfied. In fact, quite the opposite became true, because it was like a chore. No one wants intimacy to be a chore.

What’s it Like to Only Have Vanilla?

So far, I have enjoyed our time together. For me, this position is actually the position I prefer the most for my own pleasure.

I know there are a lot of women out there that man on top is not what works best for them. If you are a woman that struggles to orgasm in that position, then I would suggest one of two things:

Don’t take this challenge 


Learn to orgasm with guy on top

Really, the challenge I laid out was not to keep a woman or a man from experiencing sexual pleasure. It really was just an experiment in my marriage of what is one position sex like for a month. My point in this challenge was to see if spicing it up is really necessary to have a love life that is satisfying. 

So far, I would say that we are both enjoying what we are doing. However, I’m starting to dream of next month where we can switch things up and get back to our love life as usual. Maybe this break from variety is going to make the variety that much more awesome when we get back to it. 

Who Shouldn’t Take This Challenge

is it ok to watch fifty shades of grey

Like I said, not every woman is able to orgasm through guy on top. If you are that woman, then the specifics of this challenge are not for you. You should be doing what it takes to enjoy yourself physically with your spouse. 

Same goes for guys. If you are a man and have a hard time in this position, then this challenge isn’t for you. I would say that both people in the marriage should be mutually benefiting from whatever position is chosen. 

If guy on top is not working for you, then you can choose your own vanilla position for this challenge. My goal in this is to just get men and women figuring out what it takes to go deeper in their physical intimacy.


What We’ve Been Focusing On

Since we aren’t getting too spicy in the bedroom at night, we have been focusing on flirting more with each other during the day. It has been a lot of fun really engaging with one another on that level. We tend to flirt with each other a lot anyways, but it is more intentional at this point.

Not sure if I’ll have an ah-hah moment during this challenge or not. Either way, I’m glad we are doing it together and experimenting together. That is what building a good love life is all about….experimenting together. It is ok to say something isn’t working and try something else.

If you are taking this challenge with us, I encourage you to be together as often as you want to be. An every day sex challenge is audacious to say the least. For some people, that might be really necessary to get them into a place where they need to be. For my marriage, at this time, it is not necessary.


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