Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas

Valentines day decorations

I love Valentine’s Day! It really is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate with the world around me. Every year I add to the heart decor in the house. Here is a look into what I have around the house for Valentine’s Day decorations.

Mantel Decorations



Every holiday, I always decorate the mantel. My den is a rustic look, so the mason jar works out well. This is a mason jar with a heart sticker. There are painted red, white and pink, pinto beans in the bottom. Around the jar is a Valentine’s ribbon. I have a strand of lights across my mantel, and I put a few down into the jar. The red ribbon is one I picked up on a Christmas clearance.

Fireplace Decorations For Valentine’s Day



At the bottom of my mantel, I have some other decorations for the holiday. This was a simple look I created with a basket, white lights, and a red ribbon. A few white petals have finished off the look.

Valentine’s Bouquet For the Kitchen



Out on my kitchen counter, I have this simple vase. It is a plastic heart vase with a bit of paper and a few flowers. I like these flowers because it has a group of hearts.

Valentine’s Day Decorations For the Piano



I always end up with a poinsettia from Christmas. I think the coloring makes for a great Valentine’s addition. In my living room, there is a piano that I always decorate. Here is a close up of the vase on the end.



Dining Room Ideas




In my dining room, there is a window that I have a set of lights around the window. I draped the cord around a potted plant that I keep on the table. I just put a few petals and a red ribbon around the plant.

Bedroom Valentine’s Day Ideas



In the bedroom, I love to decorate the candle holder on the wall. I usually add something seasonal on the candle holder. The blanket and pillow are gifts from my husband last year. You can read about The Week of Love where he gave it to me.

This is a look into my decorations for the season. What are you doing to decorate in your home this year?

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