Valentine’s Day Gifts For the College Guy in Your Life

Make this Valentine’s Day come alive for your guy who is away at college. Show him how special you think he is with one of these enjoyable and exceptional gifts. He will know you love him when he opens that box and sees a special Valentine’s Day gift just for him.

1. Car Travel Kit

For those long car rides home from school, he will appreciate a car travel kit. Find a plastic or metal storage case to place these useful items in case of emergencies. Fill will regional maps, a flashlight, compass, tire gauge, pencil, notebook, and any other items you feel he would need.

2. Candy Bouquet

Send him a Valentine’s Day bouquet that he will love. Either, purchase his favorite candy bars and attach them to thin dowel rods and place in a bunch, or order a candy bouquet from the link below.

3. Meat Flowers

For an extra unique gift this Valentine’s Day, invite him home for a meal. Present him with a homemade bouquet of meat flowers. These flowers are made by rolling up raw pieces of steak into the shape of a flower. The meat is attached to a flower base and wrapped up to look like a bouquet. For more detailed instructions, go HERE.

4. Picnic Backpack

Give him a picnic backpack this Valentine’s Day that he can carry with him while out on the trail or to a park. This backpack comes complete with dishes, utensils, and glasses. The insulated section of the bag will keep cold and hot foods at the appropriate temperatures.

Don’t let this Valentine’s Day pass by without showing him how much you love him and care for him. He will feel special and encouraged by any one of these fun and creative gifts.

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