Ways to Be Romantic

Check out what Natalie Farsy has to say about ways you can go deeper in your marriage. She makes some valid points and gives some good feedback.

Ways to be more romantic

Here’s what she has to say-

After a few years of being together, you might find that the spark in your relationship begins to fade. This is completely normal and happens to a lot of different couples. It shouldn’t give you any cause for concern! Instead, you just need to take a bit of extra time to rekindle that all-important spark.

Are you struggling with putting the spark back in your relationship? It won’t happen overnight, so don’t worry if your efforts don’t seem to be paying off. Give it time and eventually you will be getting back on track.

But what’s the best way of trying to find the spark again? We think it’s all about focusing on the little things in your relationship. Here are some top ideas.

Add Romance To Your Cooking


You cook meals every day, so this is one of the best parts of your life to spice up with some romance. Rather than cooking for each other, cook together. Taking time to prepare all the ingredients is a great way to spend time together and strengthen your bond. You can then both enjoy the meal together and relish in the shared sense of achievement. But sometimes it’s also nice to surprise your partner with a meal you cooked specially for them.

The best time to prepare this surprise is while you’re waiting for them to get in from work. Light some candles on your dining room table and dim the lights to create an intimate atmosphere. You should think about cooking your partner’s favorite meal. If this is for a special birthday or anniversary treat, think about using a mail order seafood service

Spice Up Your Showers And Baths

Romantic Flower

Bath time is the perfect time to add some spice back into your relationship. And there are plenty of little things you can add to really ramp up the intimacy. Cute little luxuries such as a fancy bubble bath can add some sophistication to a couple’s bath. You could even go super romantic and add some bright red rose petals to the water.

Not only will they really look the part, but they’ll also create a fantastic floral scent. Line the bath tub with some scented candles if you can’t get your hands on any rose petals. You’ll find that getting cozy together in the bath is a fantastic way to put the passion back into your relationship!

No bath tub? That’s okay; the two of you can still get cozy in the shower. But rather than indulging in a long, relaxing session, showers are best for a romantic quicky! You can still get out the candles to make the setting very romantic, though. But you might forget that they’re there once you’re in the throws of passion!

In The Evenings


You don’t just have to spend your evenings cuddled up together on the sofa. There is nothing wrong with spending your time this way. But you could both be a bit more proactive trying to reignite your relationship’s spark. If your partner has had a particularly rough day in the office, offer to give them a gentle massage or foot rub. Gentle touching often turns people on, and you might find that this leads to you dragging one another up to bed to get more intimate!

However, there are plenty of ways you can be more intimate together in the evenings that don’t necessarily lead to sex. When was the last time you had a proper chat with your partner? Talking is a great way to strengthen your relationship. You can find out about everything that is going on with your partner at work.

By sharing your feelings and emotions, you will find that the two of you being to appreciate one another again. This is a great way to strengthen the love you feel for one another.

Focus On Bedtime

Of course, the time when most couples try to get the spark going again is at bedtime. There are plenty of little touches you can focus on to make this time of the day extra intimate. Remember those rose petals you used in your bath?

Try to keep some spare so you can use them in the bedroom. One nice surprise your partner will appreciate is if you cover your bed in rose petals. It’s a grand gesture and will also help your bedroom smell super fresh!

If neither of you has been interested in intimacy recently, one of the best ways to give your sex drive a little boost is to buy some sexy lingerie. Look for items that really flatter your body shape. To make sure your partner enjoys your lingerie just as much as you do, get him to choose some pieces. If some lace panties don’t get both your pulses racing, then nothing does!

Spice Up The Bedroom


Another great way to get the spark back into your relationship is to introduce some toys in the bedroom. Many couples find that this helps them get their drives and libidos back on track. You can buy fun ones such as a vibrator or love eggs. Food can also go down well in the bedroom, especially during foreplay. If you’re not really into sex toys, you might prefer to buy some special chocolate body sauce!

The Next Day

Everyone loves being brought breakfast in bed. Rather than rushing to get up in the morning on the weekends, spend a couple of extra hours enjoying being together in bed. Not only is it a relaxing way to start the day, but you’ll also find it’s the perfect time to squeeze in some sex! Especially if you are normally too tired for it in the evening. Don’t worry if you are preoccupied with each other; breakfast can wait…

As you can see, by focusing on the little things in your relationship, you can easily reignite your spark. You might even be able to enjoy a second honeymoon period!

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