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Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Family and Friends

I know a lot of people feel tremendous stress and pressure over Valentine’s Day. If you are a spouse that struggles to feel excited about sex, then you can see it as a day of duty. If you are a spouse that can’t plan a date night to save your life, then you have probably stressed out about this all month. I know a lot of couples end up feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by the pressure and they simply tap out of celebrating the day.

As you know, this is my favorite holiday. It all stems back to how I grew up. My parents always gave me a Valentine’s Day card and something small like a box of chocolates or a stuffed animal. It wasn’t a day to celebrate being a couple as much as it was a day of celebrating your love for others. Yes, of course, it can be a great day for married couples to do something special. But, I think that celebrating the day can be really fun.

Every year, I do a little Valentine’s Day party with Austin and the boys. Sometimes I invite friends over like I did last weekend. We had so much fun!

Here’s a few things we’ve done in the past to celebrate the day.

Valentine’s Paint Night

Have you ever been to one of those wine and paint nights? I actually went to one for my birthday this past year. But, before that, we had our own paint night at the house. I’ve always loved to draw and paint. The kids love to sit around the table and draw, color, or paint with us.

We decided to do a Valentine’s Day theme. I bought a few wooden boards from the store and we set out the supplies. Then, we looked up a couple of designs of hearts so everyone had something to go off of if they needed inspiration.

Handmade Valentine’s Gifts

I’ve always loved to craft and hand-make things. To me, handmade Valentine’s are the best. Austin has often designed Valentine’s cards for me and printed off. You can actually grab some of his designs in our shop.

Here are the cards available in my store:

  • 30 Sexy Questions- not only is it a card, but there are 30 steamy questions to ask your spouse on the holiday
  • Valentine’s Print- this card can be framed and hung somewhere to display all year. I actually have it in my room on the dresser.
  • Tri-fold card– this unique design has you fold the card in thirds so that the outer edges come together to complete the heart.
  • Love by the Letter– write down a reason you love your spouse for every letter of the alphabet.

I love to make handmade snacks and desserts to give. Here are a few that I’ve done in the past:

card and valentine's candy
brownie bouquet

Sex Baskets For Couples

I’ve been known to give many sex baskets over the years to close friends or new couples for anniversaries. Normally, I put together a pretty Valentine’s themed basket and then add one of my couple’s bedroom games in an envelope.

You can get my couples games in the shop. Buy it once and print it out as many times as you need to. I recommend this bedroom game pack because it comes with most of my games inside.

Or you can sign up for my newsletter and receive a free game: 


Here are a few of the baskets I’ve put together in the past.

Church Valentine’s Dinner

We have attended several churches that do Valentine’s Dinners for families or couples. I’ve always loved going to these. Look around at the churches in your area to see if anyone is hosting one. Often times, they are done as fundraisers. Our youth groups always hosted them to pay for their summer mission trips and camps.

Valentine’s Party

Honestly, I have never found super fun-looking Valentine’s foods to make, so I just go with your standard party foods. But, I do love to put together fun things to do at the party.


Here are a few mad libs we’ve done, which create super hilarious results. After we pair up and ask each other the questions, we read them out loud to everyone. It’s a lot of fun.

Name That Tune

If you can believe it, there are ready-made playlists on YouTube that you can use to play Name That Tune. Here are a few I found. I mixed it up so that the adults and kids had genres they could have fun with.

Things I Like About You

One of the most memorable things I did with some of our friends and kids was to have everyone write down a few things they like about each other. I choose a color and font for everyone and printed their name off on a piece of cardstock.

I gathered a variety of markers and set them out around the table. Then, we all sat at the table in a circle and passed our papers around. When you would get a new paper, you would write a quick note to the person whose name was on there. We all loved reading what everyone said to us at the end. In fact, most of us still have it.

Valentine’s Day Decorations

I love to decorate for Valentine’s early on. Normally, I put things out on the mantel. Oftentimes, Austin gives me cards, balloons, and vases for the holiday that I can save from year to year to decorate. The kids and I put out the decorations around the end of January.

Here are a few things I’ve done in the past:

One year we were actually driving on Valentine’s Day weekend, so I decorated the car:

I hope that whatever you do this Valentine’s Day, you show love to those you care about most.

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