Ways to Feel Sexier This New Year

The New Year is right around the corner and I’m so excited to kick 2019 to the curb. How about you?!?! I won’t lie, it’s been a rough year, and I’m looking forward to the new things to come in 2020. 

This is the time of year where you either decided to make New Year’s resolutions that you are going to blow off or you sit in rebellion like I do and refuse to make resolutions. 

I’m a girl of action. I make my mind up to do something and I go for it. So, I have a few things I put together that you can do right now to feel sexier this year. 

1. Buy Something That is Flattering on You

Still squeezing yourself into clothes that are too tight, because you can’t handle the thought of going up a size? Or, maybe you’ve lost a lot of weight, your body shape changed, or you just haven’t updated your closet in a while. Go shopping and find at least one outfit you feel dynamite in. 

Better yet, make a date night of it. Austin and I have gone out and found things on the rack for the other to try on. We’ve handed each other a lot of things that we wouldn’t have ever thought about wearing. It’s a great way to get adventurous with your wardrobe.

2. Sleep Naked or Wear Something Revealing to Bed

person in bed with just feet showing

Maybe you already sleep naked or wear sexy clothes to bed. Whatever you normally do, switch it up. Anytime you change your routine, you’ll be more aware of your feelings and emotions. Also, your spouse is bound to perk up and notice. 

3. Reduce Anxiety and Boost Your Libido With Oils

I’ve written about essential oils and how they can be used to boost your libido, i.e. your body feels excited and sexy. But, what I’ve recently learned is that CBD oils can be used to help with your sex drive. 

Obviously, CBD oils are all the rage right now, but a lot of people are having a very successful time with them. A few drops of oil mixed with a carrier oil can be used as a lube. But just note that oil and latex don’t play well together, so if you are using condoms to keep from getting pregnant, don’t use this oil. 

4. Get Naked in Front of The Mirror With Your Spouse

Yeah…I hear you. But, believe me, when you spend sexy naked time in front of the mirror with your spouse, you will start feeling better about your body. Seeing yourself in sexual situations with your lover is a great way to boost body positivity. 

I wrote a few tips a while back to help you have sex in front of the mirror with your spouse. 

5. Have a Sex Fragrance

You can feel instantly sexy when you use a fragrance you associate with sexual encounters. The way to establish this fragrance is to choose a scent you both like. Then, every time you get intimate with one another, use it. You could do this by burning a candle, or spraying your bedsheets or yourself with the specific scent. 

The key to creating this reaction is to reserve the scent for intimate times only. When you want to get excited and feel sexy, spray it on yourself and let your lover get a whiff. 

6. Be Flirty 

I feel like I should put this caveat out there, to be flirty with your spouse and no one else. It’s fun to flirt and do things to grab your lover’s attention. Flirting should be the first step in foreplay in your marriage. Not to be confused with foreplay…but a good first step. 

Not sure how to flirt with your spouse? Here are 5 ways to flirt that I came up with that can help you. Austin and I love to catch each other’s eyes and see the other person give a big smile. 

These are a few ways you can feel sexier this year without losing weight. Don’t think you have to look a certain way or weigh a specific amount to feel sexy. 

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