Ways You Need To Stop Hurting Your Spouse- Guest Post At Marriage 4:29

ways you need to stop hurting your spouse

In our marriages, we can so easily hurt our spouses with our words and actions. Often times, we don’t even know the damage we are causing to them by the things we say.

Today, I’m so honored to be guest posting over at Marriage 4:29. This is a brand new blog run by husband and wife J & S. You should definitely add them to your list of go-to people when you are in need of marriage advice or tips.

How We Hurt Our Spouses Without Knowing It

I’m talking about ways that we hurt our spouses unknowingly. Sure, there are times when we hurt them on purpose as a way of getting back at them. However, the things I talk about in my guest post are things we do that cause damage without our intending it.

I hope you will join me and read my article about

3 Ways You’re Hurting Your Spouse

These damaging habits need to stop in our relationships, both romantic and any other form of relationship as well.

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