We Want to Answer Your Questions About Intimacy in Marriage

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We Want to Help You Talk About The Hard Things

It is a huge passion of ours to develop a community of people that can feel safe to ask the difficult questions about intimacy in marriage.

Masturbation and periods: we’ve covered some interesting topics recently. The awesome thing is that both of these topics came from you guys! We love when ya’ll interact with us and hope you’ll continue sending in your questions and topic suggestions.

We Believe in Open Conversations About Physical Intimacy

Though some of the topics we cover on both our websites may seem uncomfortable or even taboo, it’s our desire to have frank conversations about them. We believe that having open discussions about sex and intimacy benefits married couples.

Develop a Bedroom Language

As husband and wife, you need to be talking about sex before and after. You should also be talking during sex as well. To that end, we want to tell you about a great new resource from our friend Jay Dee at Uncovering Intimacy. He just released a new book called Introduction to Talking Dirty, (we like to call this a bedroom language). It’s a how-to guide designed to help couple explore using sexy language that you wouldn’t be using around the kids or at your next Sunday school get-together.

Never one to be shy, Jay Dee delves deep into this topic. But don’t worry! He starts out slow. It’s a great resource that we recommend to you.

As always, if you want to ask us a question that you want answered, be sure to email us at either Keelie@lovehopeadventure.com or Austin@lovehopeadventure.com.


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