We Were Created For Community

Yesterday, I had a parent/teacher meeting. The teacher was floored that my son was performing above average in some areas and on target in others. She told me I had done a really great job teaching my son and she’s truly impressed.

I’ve felt like a failure.

Homeschooling the kids has been an area where I’ve felt like I’ve failed them over and over. When I think of the number of days we’ve had knock-down, drag-outs over re-doing misspelled words and incorrect math answers….or days where we spent the¬†entire day working on one concept….or the copious amounts of tears shed over writing assignments, or how many times I’ve been accused of being a kill joy….I don’t really think to myself, “I’ve done a good job”.

I know we made the right choice in sending them to school this year…but there’s a nagging voice in the back of my head that says, “you failed them again”.

I couldn’t do it all.

My natural response to not being able to do it all is to think, “I’m a failure”….but I’m learning that failure comes when you’re too stubborn and arrogant to ask for help.

Stop hoarding everything that needs to be done and start giving it out generously to those that are capable and willing.

When we stop trying to do it all and rely on others, that’s when real relationships form. Until then, we are on our own and not in community with others like we should be. We were created for community.

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