Wedding Admin: It May Not Be Romantic, But It’s Necessary

Wedding Admin It May Not Be Romantic, But It's Necessary

As a pastor, I’ve been involved in the planning of a few weddings. Like marriage itself, a wedding has many elements of work to them that may not seem romantic, but are so necessary. Alyssa Malcolm joins us today with a few words on the subject. 

A wedding is so many things to different people. To all, it’s a classy and elegant occasion celebrating a union. To the people getting married, it is the chance to seal their love in view of their nearest and dearest. To the families of those people, it is a chance to come together and form their own bonds. To just about everyone present, it is an opportunity to meet up with people they haven’t seen for years and just have a good time.

To the people planning it, a wedding can also be something else – a stressful few months. It requires a level of planning that is rarely seen outside of military operations. There is a reason that “wedding planner” is a job in its own right. Ask ten different people what you need to remember during the planning process. You’ll get so many different answers you’d need a photographic memory to retain them all.

You’re In Control

Some of the strands of the wedding can be pulled together into categories. There are things that are linked to catering and hospitality. Aspects that relate to travel, and others that have to do with diplomacy. And then there are parts that fall under “admin” – and though these parts seem prosaic to some, they are what allow the wedding to go smoothly.

Save The Date Cards

Before you set anything else to do with a wedding, you get a date nailed down. Everything else can be arranged as you go – although make sure the venue is confirmed early – but the date is key. Set it far enough in advance so that everyone who needs to be there can be there. To give them enough prior warning, Save The Date cards should be sent out ASAP once you have a date.

Invites And Food Requests


The cliche goes as follows. One of the people getting married gets out their address book and goes through it writing beautiful cards to invite everyone they know. The other, more easy going, gets out their phone and sends a group text: “I’m getting married. This is the date. Are you coming?”. However, given the planning needed on the day, sending an invite with an RSVP is important. Include on it a section asking about dietary requirements, as the kitchen need to know about this.

Schedules For The Day Itself

office-620817_640Some people – let’s call them the lucky ones – get to turn up to the wedding, smile through the ceremony and then eat lots of free food. Others have a part to play in the ceremony and need to be in a certain place at a certain time.

Arranging personalised order of service wedding cards for these people is a courtesy and in some cases a necessity. It’s the happiest day of your life, and you can tolerate slip-ups, but why have them if they can be avoided?

If you get enough of the hard work out of the way early on, a wedding doesn’t need to be as stressful as they’re usually portrayed on TV. But make sure to get that work done as soon as it comes up. Those few months may seem long, but they’re up before you know it.


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