Week of Love Valentine’s Day Idea

My husband knows I love Valentine’s Day and creative gifts. Over the years, he has come up with some really sweet ideas. Last Valentine’s, he put together a Week of Love leading up to the holiday. I was so blessed by his creativity, I wanted to share the idea with you. Be sure to take advantage of our printable to make your own tags.

Get these printables here- Valentine’s Jumpstart Pack We’ve also compiled an Amazon list featuring the gifts. You can purchase right from Amazon. We included several versions of some of the gifts so you can decide how much you want to spend on each item. You can find the idea list here.

Day 1: Sweet Treat

Day 1 week of love valentines day gift


On the first day of the week of love, I was given Sweet Treats. Austin took each day to write something he loved about me and tied it into the gift. This card reads: Today, you get a sweet treat that’s dark, smooth, and luscious…. Just like you.

Day 2: Hotness to Go

Day 2 week of love valentine's day gift


One of Austin’s and my favorite past times is drinking coffee. He picked out a red mug to stick with the Valentine’s look. This tag says: Keep your hands and tummy warm and your taste buds happy with today’s gift.

Week 3: Warm & Cozy

Day 3 week of love valentines day gift


What is a more fun than getting warm, fuzzy socks with hearts on it? I love these socks because they have hearts and because they were aloe infused. The card reads: Thank you for being warm & comforting, and for bringing me healing when I need it.

Day 4: Smooth Tunes

Day 4 week of love valentines day gift


Romantic instrumental jazz music is one of my favorite things to listen to. In fact, I listen to this kind of music almost every day. Austin got me this CD with some love focused songs. The card says, “A little something to groove to on those special nights.”

Day 5: Fuzzy Snuggly

Day 3 week of love valentine's day gift


Cuddling up under a blanket next to my honey on the couch is something I love to do. This fleece blanket is warm and cute. The card says: Here’s something to snuggle with and keep warm. Thank you for snuggling with me on cold wintry nights.

Putting the Week of Love Together

Austin put all of these gifts with their cards together ahead of time. He set all five of the bags out for me to gaze at all week long. That kind of thing does not tease me quite like it does for him. You can use your own creativity when it comes to executing the plan.

Download these printables and use your creativity to give your spouse their own Week of Love.  The first pdf is ready to use, and the second set is blank so you can come up with your own gifts ideas.

Valentine’s Day Jumpstart Pack

Don’t forget to check out the Amazon idea list here for quick access to the gifts you’ll need.

I hope you enjoy this DIY Valentine’s day gift idea. Good luck with putting together a week of love for your sweetie.

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