Weekend Round-up 8/23-80

keelie's weekend roundup

This week, I have had a lot on my mind. I ended up posting more on the blog than I originally intended. The situation with Ashley Madison really got me thinking.

I read a statistic by Ed Stetzer, that he estimates there will be somewhere around 400 pastors/church leaders that may resign on account of the breach. That is a pretty sobering thought for the churches of America.

There are a few more thoughts on my mind about the Ashley Madison scandal that I will post about later on this week.

Most Popular Post on the Blog

The post that received the most love this week was:

How I Made My Room Feel Romantic on a Budget

In that article, I have a few pictures of my room and ideas of how you can make your room feel romantic without spending much money.

Check Me Out Around The Web

Over at Shape Mind Soul, I am still writing my sex position Saturday series. Today’s position was:

The Merry Mandolin

This position looks totally do-able. I haven’t come across it before this week. I’ll give a shoutout to Meagan over there who found that accurate picture. It’s totally appropriate and gives you a good idea how you are supposed to be. Love it Meagan!

I didn’t get a chance to link to this one last weekend, because I didn’t have time to do a round-up. I wanted to get in this week, though. Over at Marriage 4:29, they featured my blog. It was a true honor to see what they had to say about Love Hope Adventure.

CMBA Challenge: Love Hope Adventure

Jason over at My Beloved is Mine, featured my article about the Ashley Madison scandal in his:

Friday Twitter Round Up

He does a lot of great tweeting throughout the week, and I see all kinds of great links come through his twitter account.

Great Reads

There were a lot of articles I read this week about the Ashley Madison scandal. Many of the bloggers I follow wrote about it.

In particular, Shelia over at To Love Honor and Vacuum had several posts about it. She made a lot of great points in her post: Top 10 Thoughts About The Ashley Madison Scandal.

J over at Hot, Holy, Humorous answers a question from a reader about how They Exist as Roommates. Ten years down the road and their marriage has gone stale. I always appreciate what J has to say.

Paul over at the Generous Husband gives men some hints as to Why She Won’t Talk About Sex. It is worth the read if you and your spouse struggle to talk about what you enjoy in the bedroom.

I really loved this idea over at Marriage 4:29. They had a post: Why Your Marriage Needs a “Just Because I Love You” Day. I agree, we should all celebrate our marriages even if it’s not our anniversary.

Debi over at The Romantic Vineyard wrote a great post about Biblical Love Language. I definitely agree that we need to love our spouse the way the Lord calls us to.

These were my top picks on articles this week. Hopefully you found something that struck a chord in you. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Oh and in case you didn’t see this post earlier, be sure to read this post I wrote:

Try These Ideas Out if You Are Craving More In the Bedroom

try these out if you want more in the bedroom


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