Weekend Roundup 7/12-7/18

keelie's weekend roundup

This week has been a physically exhausting and emotionally draining one. I know there are others out there that can sympathize with me on this one.

I clung to a lot of scriptures this week as I dealt with the different issues going on in my life.

phillipians 4 lha
1john 5 lha

These are a few verses I read during the week. It is always an encouragement to me to remember that God hears me when I pray.

What Happened On the Blog This Week

This week, I had a post shared that ended up with a lot of attention.

Why You Should Invest in Other Couples

Great Reads From Around the Web

Here are a few of the best articles that I read this week. Hope you find something that will help you this week.

Tammy from over at Married and Naked gives us Date Night Rules. These are definitely a need.

Lori over at The Generous Wife gives us a prayer prompt in Remember to Pray For Him.

Erin and her husband Will over at The Humbled Homemaker talks to us about 10 Things They’ve Learned in 10 Years of Marriage.

Lisa and Stu over at Stupendous Marriage talk about how Men and Women are Different.

What Happened in My Week

Every year for the past 5 years or so, we have participated in Cow Appreciation Day. How can you say no to free chicken? I actually have costumes that stay in the closet year round that we re-use every year. It takes little effort and gives us a night out that we don’t have to pay for.

cow appreciation right size

In the spirit of being transparent with you, this was not the best Cow Appreciation night we’ve ever had. For some reason, both Austin and I ended up being pretty stressed out. It was really loud in the restaurant, so I am sure that had something to do with it.

I know we all managed to smile in this shot for the most part, but my kids were having meltdowns, too. The middle child was very upset that we couldn’t find his cow hat. Who knows why my youngest put on a pouty face, but he did. Not everything in life goes like you hope.

The other major thing that happened this week, is I helped a friend get her house straight for moving. That was a bittersweet time with her.

She had a lot of things she felt that she couldn’t take with her. We made donation piles, for sale piles, keep piles, and for Keelie piles. I walked away with some precious gifts from her and had a chance to get these new pieces of art on the wall this week.

Here are some pictures of the rooms of my home that had additions.

She gave me the mirror on the wall and a few things to put on my mantel.

living room

Plugins 0

This new piece of art now hangs over my piano. Such a cool piece.


She gave me this really awesome mirror that I could hang in my room. It went very well with my current decor.


I really love this piece of art that she gave me. It is one of my favorite things in her home. What an honor for her to give it to me.

living room 2

That was a quick rundown of my week. I’m hoping this week will be full of encouragement and excitement for you and for me.

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