Weekend Roundup 7/7-7/11

keelie's weekend roundup

I can’t believe another week is already down. It feels like the summer is really passing by quickly. When I was walking around Walmart yesterday, I saw school supplies out. How frightening.

Things have been busy here on the blog this week. I was kind of surprised what my most popular post turned out to be. Almost an entire year ago, I wrote a post:

5 Reasons You Should Kiss Your Spouse Goodbye

I’d say that this is an evergreen post, and we can always use a good reminder to kiss our spouses. I’m a huge fan of kissing your spouse goodbye. If for no other reason, it gives you an excuse to lock lips. 🙂

The post that received the most engagement was: 

What Happened When I Went to A Water Park on Vacation

I think so many ladies really identified with what I felt that day at the water park. It is so hard to keep your self-esteem up when there are so many other beautiful people in the world.

Interesting Reads From Around the Web

I’m so blessed to have other bloggers that do a great job of addressing important issues. Here are a few that stuck out for me this week.

  1. Clifford Stumme writes about being engaged from a guy’s perspective. I really enjoyed this post. He is experiencing a lot of the same feelings and thoughts I experienced when I was engaged. It took me back to those years.
  2. J over at Hot Holy and Humorous wrote a post: Feel beautiful: 8 things that I learned while shopping. I thought this was a great addition to the post I wrote about going to the water park.
  3. Sheila at To Love Honor and Vacuum talks about When sex becomes a chore and why you need to change your mindset. I completely agree with her. Sex should never make it on your to-do list.
  4. Paul over at the XYCode explains to us what Sexual generosity means to a man. I really loved his insight into the topic.
  5. Jay Dee over at Sex Within Marriage does his best to answer the question: Why do men love their wive’s boobs so much. He does what he can to dig into the science behind it.

These are some of my fave reads from the week. Hope you find something that interests you from this list.

A Look Into My Week

We are another week down in our summer, and I have implemented a new schedule around here. My kids will spend a lot of time just sitting around “waiting” for the next thing to do. It causes a lot of rough housing and fighting to take place. To combat that, I put together a schedule they can follow, and we have had a much better week.

I have become a bit of a plant fanatic, and this week I was able to add this beauty to my collection. I found it on the $5 clearance section at Lowe’s because it had a lot or broken branches.

habiscus 2

My grandmother brought me a fiddle when she visited last week. She stopped back by this week and helped me work out the notes for Amazing Grace. Who knows if I’ll ever be any good at the fiddle, but I’ll try.

2015-07-10 20.40.57

This week I went to a lake with a friend. We all had a great time together and hope to do it again soon.

beach 2

Those were a few highlights from my week. Hope you all have had a great week and good weekend with your family.


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