Weekend Roundup 8/9-8/15

keelie's weekend roundup

It took me all week to get any posts up on the blog. I’ve been very busy with my freelance writing business like usual. Sometimes, it can be hard to squeeze in writing for myself.

Also, if you will notice, I have made some changes to the way the blog looks. I’ve had several people tell me the polka dot background was too busy…so I have finally made the change.

I had to create a new banner to match it better. Hopefully you like the changes.

What Happened At Love Hope Adventure This Week

Since I didn’t have the chance to get anything on here until this weekend, my most popular post was from last week. I have been writing a series about how to be better friends with your spouse.

You can check out:

How to develop friendship in marriage

How to develop friendship in marriage through steering your conversations

I think a lot of people have a hard time figuring out what to talk about with their spouse. You have to find ways to break away from the practical conversations you have to deeper connections.

Hopefully you will read something in that article that will help you with having purposeful and meaningful conversations with your spouse.

Great Marriage Tips

I have several bloggers that I read every week. It has been really awesome for me to see what others have on their mind when it comes to marriage.

A lot of these bloggers address questions that come from their readers. I always enjoy reading those posts, because it shows me what others are dealing with. That being said, feel free to message me through my contact page if you ever have questions.

J over at Hot Holy and Humorous has been answering questions every day from her readers. She tackled a question about Bondage in the Bedroom. I think she has some great responses to her reader.

Lori over at the Generous Wife had a fun Sexy Dare idea for her husband. It’s giving me some ideas to think about for my marriage and here on the blog.

The Marriage Bed regularly posts different positions you can try out. Here is one for HER and one for HIM.

These were the only posts I had time to read this week. I know I usually link up to more, but again, my time was limited.

I hope that you found something in this roundup that interested you. If you wrote a post this week, be sure to link up in the comments section. I always look forward to seeing what has been on other’s minds.


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