Weekend Roundup 9/20-9/26

keelie's weekend roundup

The first day of fall was this week, but I have yet to pull out my fall clothes. In fact, I’ve only worn pants once this week, but that was because of rain. Who else is ready to get the cool weather under way?

Most Popular On the Blog

Here on the blog, I have had a busy week. My most amazing husband, Austin, wrote two posts for me and one of them was shared a few times around twitter. Whenever that happens, it causes the page views to soar through the roof.

The most popular post on the blog:

Loving Your Spouse After an Affair

learning to love your spouse after an affair

Austin wrote this post in response to a great article over at Marriage 365 about How to Recover From an Affair. I love Casey and Meygan. They have some amazing resources for married couples. Not only that, they have a YouTube Channel  where they give a lot of great advice.

The second most popular post on the blog this week was:

How Developing Separate Interests Help Friendship in Marriage

how developing separate interests helps friendship in marriage

This was the last article I wrote in the Developing Friendship in Marriage series.

Find Me Around The Web

Every week, I contribute to Shape Mind Soul. They have really allowed me to tap into my sex and marriage blogging side and post great topics on the site that I think you will like. You can check out:

Sex position Saturday: Splitting Bamboo

How to Handle an Argument in Public

Commentathon with Blogelina

I took a blogging course several months ago that was hosted by Blogelina.  Tanya puts together great resources for new bloggers and offers all the help you need to get started. Every couple months she hosts a commentathon which allows those that took her course to get to know one another better.

This week, I had the privilege of reading a lot of great posts. I wanted to highlight a few that touched me.

Over at Be Gracefully Inspired -Relationships, Relationships, Oh Sweet Relationships. I particularly appreciated that she talked about how you need to be your own friend and secure in your self worth. That is so important in marriage.

Over at Not for Sissies, Ciara wrote: Own Your Marriage. I love love what she had to say about taking responsibility in your marriage. She pointed out that responsibility doesn’t necessarily mean taking the blame. Regardless of who’s fault it is, it is your responsibility for your marriage to be healthy…so own it!

Over at Crayon Marks and Tiger Stripes, Stephanie is giving away an Elf on the Shelf Book focused on scripture. Now, you know that I am not into the Elf on the Shelf or Santa…and I wrote about my very anti-climactic reason behind this.

Around the Web


I have a lot of bloggers that I read on a weekly basis. I always like to feature some of them in my roundups, because they have such valuable things to say.

JayDee over at Sex Within Marriage is doing weekly marriage challenges. You can sign up for it. This week’s challenge Pray Together Every Day.

J over at Hot Holy Humorous talked about Speaking Seductively to Your Wife. This is a great help for you guys.

Sheila over at To Love Honor and Vacuum gets honest in her post about When Christians Make it Sound Like Sex is Only For Him. I’m so happy she is addressing this misconception on her blog. You tell ’em girl… more power to you.

Lori over at The Generous Wife talks about preferences and differences couples experience in her Coffee Time Discussions. I also always enjoy her prayer prompts. You should follow her on Twitter, where she tweets out her prayer prompts and awesome marriage advice.

Gaye over at Calm Healthy Sexy shares with wives 6 Free Gifts to Give Your Husband. I really LOVE this post. She talks about things we can do as wives to really bless our husbands.

Hopefully you found something in my roundup of interest. I hope that you have a great week and really spend time together with your spouse.


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