Weekend Roundup July 26-August 1

keelie's weekend roundup

It’s the weekend again and time for me to put together some links you should check out. I’m always on the lookout for great articles that will help you with your marriage and life.

What Happened on Love Hope Adventure

Every week, I like to tell you what my most popular post was from the week. Well…that is not entirely true. I have not had a single week where Couples Truth or Dare wasn’t the most viewed. For that reason, I pick the one that comes in second every week.

Funny enough, I had a tie between these two articles on the site:

3 Things You Can Do Tonight To Spice Things Up

It’s Getting Hot in Here Couple’s Game

I think it is safe to say that people are really interested in having passionate sex with their lover. That always makes me happy. It shows me that there is a real need out there for God honoring ideas that couples can do with one another.

There is plenty of trash on the internet of stuff you can do with your spouse that is just plain wrong. It is my passion to always give ideas that will build you up and help you feel good about yourself, not bad about yourself.

Where I Was Featured This Week

If you didn’t know, I’m a regular contributor to Shape Mind Soul. Since they know that I’m a sex and marriage blogger, they have asked me to write a series of sex positions every Saturday. You can read my latest find:

Sex Position Saturday- The Peg

By the way, I do not have any control over the pictures used on those articles. The featured image does not give you an accurate depiction of what position you need to get into to do the Peg. In fact, it is nothing like it…I’m not really sure what that couple is doing…at all.

Over at Marriage 4:29, I wrote a post:

ways you need to stop hurting your spouse

3 Ways Your Hurting Your Spouse

I was so excited to have a chance to write on their new marriage blog. I’ve been following Marriage 4:29 on Facebook for quite some time. I’m so happy they have decided to start a website and give great marriage advice.

Great Finds Around The Web

It’s vacation season for many of us bloggers. I read two articles this week where the bloggers were talking about their vacations.

It made me realize I should probably write about vacations and marriage at some point. Considering I’m planning a lover’s getaway in a few weekends, I do need to write something about it.

J over at Hot Holy and Humorous give us some great advice in Vacationing With Hubby: How to Make it Better – J recently went on vacation with her husband and gives us some great advice due to her experiences.

Sheila over at To Love Honor and Vacuum talks about Sex and Family Vacations – I have my own thoughts about this topic. I don’t necessarily agree with her take on it, but I do appreciate and understand where she is coming from, so I wanted to share it.

Gaye over at Calm Healthy Sexy talks about 5 Ways “Hotel Sex” Can Improve Your Marriage -I love hotel sex and completely agree with Gaye.

Tammy over at Married and Naked gives you some great Date Night Questions For Married Couples -This is always a good idea to pull out for date night. Gives you plenty of things to talk about that does not involve your kids or work.

Jay Dee over at Sex Within Marriage put together 46 Facts about orgasms for National Orgasm Day- I laughed, because Jay Dee told me that he received huge amounts of traffic on this post. He was befuddled about this, because he said he didn’t think it had that much in the way of real value compared to the other articles he puts a lot of thought into. I personally thought the facts were hilarious as well as interesting.

Hopefully you found something of interest to check out in this roundup.

What Happened in My Week

This past week, I was helping out in the youth VBS class at my church. I have been in youth ministry for going on 15 years. Even though Austin is no longer a youth pastor, I still help out.

I did not take a single picture this week in VBS. Instead of staring at the week through my camera lens, I decided to just use my eyes.

Yesterday, I had to go to the grocery store for my first of the month’s shopping. We ended the day at a fish fry for the church that Austin preaches for on Sundays. It was nice being able to fellowship with the people outside of services.

One night this week, I was messing around with my hair, and Austin suggested I try to style it with all my curls piled on top of my head. I took his advice and came up with this look.

keelie hair

I really only shared this with you, because I feel it is important that we take our spouse’s suggestions from time to time. If your spouse suggests that you try a new style, it is definitely worth it to try it out.

Hope everyone had a great week. I am looking forward to another great week…one where I am not out every single night. 🙂


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