We’re Making Changes Around Here + My Upcoming Trip to New York!

We are making changes around here

If you caught me on Periscope or Facebook LIVE today, then you will have heard my announcement about some changes that Austin and I are making. Due to some recent job changes on his part, he is going to have more time to weigh in on the discussions that happen here at Love Hope Adventure.

Austin is Going to Write More!

I’m very excited that Austin will be able to work with me more on the marriage topics that we address. For many years, God has given us a ministry to hurting couples. I’m so thankful that we are having a chance to expand that even more here on the blog.

Send Us Your Questions

If you didn’t know already- you can always write in to us at Keelie@lovehopeadventure.com. If you have questions for Austin, just address them to him. Also, if you want to share something with us and you are on our newsletter, you can always hit the reply button and your message will come straight to us.

Each week, you guys send notes in to me that truly bless me. I’ve been so encouraged that many of you have had your marriages changed in a positive way on account of what I write. That is why Austin and I have felt it to be even more important at this time that he come and share on the blog. As a couples, we should be teaching other couples about marriage and intimacy.

I’m Going to New York

New York City Skyline

In just a few weeks, I’m headed to New York to work an event with one of my clients. I’m super excited to visit there and be a part of the Media and The City where I will watch other ladies develop their brands. They will be featured on a television series called, Brand It”.

(I can’t wait to show you pictures and go live while in New York!)

This is just one of the ways I’ve seen my freelance business grow this year. Due to the fact that my work has increased so much, Austin will be helping me out with different aspects of the writing business. We are going to be working together in many ways over the next few months as we figure out if this arrangement can work for us financially.

I’m really hoping that with our experience as a couple that works together, we can serve as encouragement to other business owners that work with their spouse.

Thanks so much for your encouragement and continued support of Austin and I. We appreciate you for reading along and sharing your comments with us.

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