What a Couple Can Do Together to Feel Attractive

what acouple can do together to feel super sexy

A while ago, I wrote a series on how to feel beautiful.  That was a set of articles that was geared toward women.

However, I think that there are many guys out there that are in need of feeling good about the way they look. I was pretty sure that you men aren’t going to click on a title about feeling beautiful. For that reason, I have chosen to write a different series of articles that will help both men and women find ways to change their attitude about their appearance.

I’ve already written a general post of challenges you can take that will help you learn to like yourself

Learning to Like The Way You Look as a Couple

Today, I want to talk about the things you and your spouse can do together to think you look sexy together. Part of being sexually satisfied is tied to how you see yourself when being intimate with your lover. When you like what you see, you will be more satisfied than if you hate what you see.

How can you possibly be free enough to express yourself sexually if you are self-conscious the entire time.

I put together some ideas that will help you to feel sexy with your spouse. What better way to grow in confidence about your looks than to engage in intimacy with the one that loves you the most?

Get in Front of the Mirror Together


Maybe you don’t think you look that great on your own, but gazing into a mirror with your lover changes your perspective. Take the time to look at each other in front of a mirror while you are dressed, as well as during intimate times.

Using mirrors during love making is a great way to think you look sexier. Seeing yourself engaged with your spouse will give you a huge confidence boost.

When you see your nakedness tangled up in your lover’s nakedness, it can be a major turn on. 

Pairing visions of yourself with physical pleasure will train your brain to get excited by seeing yourself.


Cast the Right Glow With Lighting

The right lighting has a lot to do with my ability to get comfortable. Too harsh of a light will distract me, and when it is not bright enough, I am equally as distracted. While I realize that my light sensitivity is not shared by all, what I do know is that the right lighting does amazing things for your body.

In my bedroom, I have two strands of white Christmas lights. I find that these lights cast the perfect romantic glow in the room.

Think about it this way. Every photographer out there uses lighting to their advantage. It softens out imperfections and makes skin look perfect.

You can immediately feel better about the way you look when the lighting is right.

Take Lots of Pictures


I know you are probably tired of the number of selfies you see on your Facebook feed. However, selfies can really help you to think you are sexy. Who doesn’t feel good after seeing a picture of themselves where they look awesome?



Camera angles are everything when it comes to taking sexy pictures.

I find that when you hold the camera over your head and look up, you will come up with some great looks.

You can go as far as you dare with the picture taking. Check out the sexy picture dare game I put together for ideas for poses to get into.

Use A Hands On Approach

Take time to really explore your spouse’s body and allow them to explore yours. Use your hands and rub all over their body. Having you touch them all over will cause them to feel sexy and confident.

You can also do self exploration when you are with your spouse. I am not suggesting you get alone to do this, but that you do it with your lover right there. If you think it is weird to rub your own body, guide your spouse’s hand over you.

Wear Something You Feel Good In


Put on an outfit that makes you like the way you look. This goes for both of you. If you or your spouse has no idea what to wear, then pick out something for one another.

It is important that your spouse knows what they wear that makes you feel turned on. This can be a fun date night if you want to go out and pick something for one another.

Directly Stimulate Each Other


Use your mouth, tongue, fingers, hand or whatever you choose to directly stimulate your lover. When you pay attention to them down there, it will help them think they are sexy. Make sure you are looking up at them and lock eyes.

If you are the one being pleased, pay attention to what your lover is doing for you. Again, parring visual stimulation with physical stimulation will tell your brain what sexy looks and feels like.

Flirt, Flirt, and Flirt Some More

The flirting you do doesn’t have to just be foreplay. You can give them that look while you are cooking dinner. Grab their butt when you walk by. Text a sweet message during the day.

Find ways that you can flirt with your spouse that appeals to them. They will feel good about themselves because you are paying attention to them.

Talk During Lovemaking

Use your bedroom language with your spouse during lovemaking. These words can be whatever you have established ahead of time as being ok.

Be sure to describe to your lover what you like about their body. Share with them how their motions make you feel. Tell them what you can see and how it turns you on.

Of course, you need to make sure you aren’t talking too much that it causes you or them to feel distracted.

These are a few things you can do as a couple to feel sexy together. All of these ideas are things you can do in the bedroom.

I realize that there are other things you can do as a couple to feel sexy, other than what you do behind closed doors. I think that physical intimacy is a great place to start, though. 

Feel free to leave me a response to this question in the comments section.

What kinds of things do you and your spouse do to feel attractive?

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