What a Simple Touch Can do is Amazing

what a simple touch can do is amazing

I love anything and everything to do with art. Any way that you can express your creativity, I’m in love with it.

I watched this YouTube video earlier about a photographer in New York pairing up perfect strangers with each other. He then photographs them and captures them as if they are long time friends.

Check out this news story. I found it quite fascinating.

Positive Reactions to Art Experiment

What was most interesting to me about this experiment is that these perfect strangers had such positive thoughts about the experience. After a few minutes, their entire attitude about the person shifted.

One person even said that he felt like he cared for the lady he had the privilege of posing with. That really spoke to me. If perfect strangers can embrace one another long enough to have their pictures captured, and walk away feeling changed, how much can a simple touch change our attitude about our spouses?

Take a Cue And Hug Your Spouse

If you haven’t spent much time touching your spouse in the last few days, then the bond you share is going to dwindle a bit. Believe me, absence can make the heart forget sometimes.

Regardless of where you are in relationship with your spouse, spend ten minutes hugging and touching each other. You might find that like the people in this video, that your mind is changed about them.

What a great reminder that touching is vital to human connection. You can even apply this to other relationships in your life. I hope you felt as encouraged by this as I did. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, I would love to hear them.

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