What a Woman Should Focus on To Orgasm

If you are a woman that is having a hard time orgasming, I put together a few tips that will help you. These aren’t a guarantee that you will be able to reach that point, but there are a few things that you can try.

1. Focus On The Way You Clitoris Feels

Focus on your body and how everything feels, otherwise, your mind will wander to everything that happened that day. Close your eyes if you need to and think about how your clitoris feels during the stimulation.

2. Build Up Arousal Slowly

If you’re using a vibrator, start at a really slow speed. If you’re receiving oral or direct stimulation of another kind, start slow and build. When you’re having sex, start slow with moving and build. You should lay back and relax during that period so you’re not wearing yourself out to feel aroused.

3. Push Past The Burning Sensation

Push past the burning feeling or the feeling of the urge to pee to get to orgasm. A lot of women stop before orgasm because they either feel a burning sensation or the need to pee. They might even feel like they will end up peeing.

To have your first orgasm, you have to push past the feeling. It’s really hard to mentally push past if you think you’re going to pee everywhere. So, a good thing to do is make sure your bladder is fully empty before sex, this way, it minimizes that feeling.

However, after you have had a few orgasms, that feeling is not nearly as intense and it turns to something that feels a lot more pleasurable. But honestly, the first couple orgasms don’t really feel all that great. And, they can leave you feeling a little disappointed. But, the more you have, the better it feels.

Hopefully, this helps you if you are struggling to have orgasms.

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