What Are Christian Friendly Sex Positions?

Here’s how a conversation went down between me and a friend the other day:

Friend: I just saw the “Christian Friendly Sex position cards” SOOOOO many questions.
Me: Lol. Ok. What are the questions?
Friend: It’s more about what positions are not Christian friendly….
Me: It’s not the positions, it’s the graphics. A lot of sex position cards have detailed graphics.
Friend. Oh OK. I get it now!

…and that’s when I realized that I’ve never actually explained what is Christian Friendly about the sex positions that my friend over at Christian Friendly Sex Positions creates.

There are no positions that are sinful (although some would disagree with me- hence the Missionary Position).

The Christian Friendly part of these cards is all around the graphics. They are designed without male or female anatomy or faces. You get the basic idea of what position you need to get into. Then, you use the instructions to fill in the gaps of what you need to do.

Feel free to check out the site over at Christian Friendly Sex Positions. Also, they just released their printable version of the site. You can learn more about it here.


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