What Are Christian Friendly Sex Positions?

Maybe you are like my friend and want to know what Christian friendly sex positions are. Here’s how the conversation went down between me and him:

Friend: I just saw the “Christian Friendly Sex position cards” SOOOOO many questions.
Me: Lol. Ok. What are the questions?
Friend: It’s more about what positions are not Christian friendly….
Me: It’s not the positions, it’s the graphics. A lot of sex position cards have detailed graphics.
Friend. Oh OK. I get it now!

…and that’s when I realized that I’ve never actually explained what is Christian Friendly about the sex positions that my friend over at Christian Friendly Sex Positions creates.

What Are Christian Friendly Sex Positions?

There are no positions that are sinful (although some would disagree with me- hence the Missionary Position). So, Christian friendly sex positions aren’t really around the type of actions you’re doing with your spouse. Rather, more about the images and content on educating you about the positions.

The Christian Friendly part of these cards is all around the graphics. They are designed without male or female anatomy or faces. You get the basic idea of what position you need to get into. Then, you use the instructions to fill in the gaps of what you need to do.

However, I did have someone ask me once if these graphics were some type of porn. If you are a recovering porn addict, then maybe you should air on the side of caution. I don’t know if these will be a trigger for you so I highly recommend you allow your spouse to look at the cards or images.

Where to Find Christian Friendly Sex Positions

Feel free to check out the site over at Christian Friendly Sex Positions. Also, they just released their printable version of the site. You can learn more about it here.  If you’d rather have their physical product of the top 52 sex positions, check out the deck of cards here.

Also, their site has a lot of positions you can browse through. You don’t have to buy their products to find a position you like. Here are a few posts I wrote with roundups of sex positions from the site to help you narrow it down a bit:

Sex Positions Roundup – I give you positions for oral sex, on the furniture, and other categories so you can try different things.

Top Positions When You’re Pregnant – It’s tough to have sex when your stomach is big and has a baby pushing on everything. These are a few positions that you can try that keeps the weight off your stomach.

Rear Entry Positions and Oral Sex Positions – Here are several sex positions a wife would enjoy.

Tips for Hotter Sex and How to Get Into Difficult Positions – Want to try a new position but not sure where to start? Check out these tips.

Where to Start When Picking a New Position

One of the most difficult things about trying new sex positions is not knowing where to start with picking one. I recommend you look for a position that is a slight variation of something you already do and enjoy. This way, you’ve already gotten the mechanics down of how to get into the position, but your switching it up enough that it makes it different.

Here’s a few examples of how to vary what you are already doing:

-Put a pillow under your wife’s butt when in the Missionary position.

-When the wife is on top, sit straight up instead of leaning forwards.

-When the husband has entered the woman from behind, she can lean back towards her husband instead of face down.

There are a lot of simple things you can do to switch up the position you’re in. That’s basically what all of the Christian Friendly Sex Positions are…a variation on one another.

I hope you will try out something new and keep the excitement alive in your marriage.

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  1. I’ve only seen the website, but the illustrations and descriptions offer plenty of information and guidance, giving your minds eye enough room to fill in the blanks with your sweetie.

    The other nice thing about the site is that it’s good to see that Mr. & Mrs. Bathroom Door Sign Marker still have the hots for each other and really know how to get it on. Particularly after all these years.

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